Friday, December 16, 2011

Wishing all of you who celebrates, a Merry and Jolly Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Balik Kampung

8 more days, we'll be back to Kuching. This year is husband's turn. And my family (incl aunts etc) has been calling and asking 'when will you be home for xmas?'. They all agak pelik cos christmas will always be at home for them. One, because they are married to someone from Miri or if they married someone not from Miri, every Gawai they will make sure they go back to the spouse's place. Suggested the same method to hubby as he is celebrating Gawai and I'm not, he said they don't really celebrate Gawai. La pulak...!

We'll be in Kuching until the first week of January. 2 weeks holiday and I'm still figuring out what to do. If i have the fund, i'll take a flight home for few days.

Pastu nanti mesti ada yg calling2 to tell how much fun are they having at home and how unlucky i am from missing it. Huwaaa...nanti nak tell my girls, marry someone who doesn't celebrate christmas. So that, I'll be able to celebrate christmas with them every year.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Off Noriday

I have stopped Taking Noriday since yesterday. Finished the last pack and decided to stop immediately. Reason being, i have not have my menses since August. And I seriously have putting more weight. I am not sure if taking Noriday had caused my weight gain. I am 52kgs now. And with my petite frame, my ideal weight should only at 48kgs.

I read a forum on Noriday, some said the side effect is 'buncit'. I think i too have that :(. My double chin looks more obvious. Though I'm still breastfeeding lil Sophie. Lucky those moms that get their skinny pre-natal figures back. I noticed I have huge appetite nowadays. I MUST eat rice at night. Otherwise I'll be so hungry and not be able to sleep. Erghh...

We'll see if things work differently after off Noriday. Eh, I'm not planning for another baby yet tau. I'm going the conventional way. Goooo... latex!

Thursday, December 08, 2011

First Time

First time is the hardest to even think of. First time is always the hardest thing to do. But when it is over, we normally remember the first time always.

We've been looking for Milan playschool or Montessori for next year. Few friends with kids same age as Milan are sending theirs for trial class already. A friend 'tweet'ed on how nervous she is today to send her little girl for her first trial class.

Milan first trial class was for a ballet lesson. In a dance studio for kids at Empire Gallery, Dance Space. We went there few weeks ago to check on KidzSports (not too sure if i got the spelling right). Then I saw the dsnce studio. It was almost 2pm and the trial class starts at 2pm on Saturday. Parents are allowed to be in the studio for observation, for first timer only.

I wasn't that nervous since Milan herself looked excited. And just when she saw some hoola hoops, she shamelessly took one (pink colour of course) and start wiggling around with it. And everybody was watching! She asked the trainer there her name. 'Ok, i need not to worry so much' so i thought.

Then they (with other kids) were asked to sit in a circle and the trainer started to tell them what to do. Like 'kissing you knee' and such.

Annndddddd...what my friendly girl did? She closed her eyes tight and she was trying hard not to cry. She just sat there! I went to her and talked softly to her, asked her to do like what others did. And bam! She cried and said 'I don't want to dance!'.

Fearing that she might disturb other girls who really want to dance, i took her out. Maybe we'll try again next time.

As much as first time is hard for me to let her go to adventure learning outside, i believe it is even harder for her. She has never took instruction for a stranger. I might be sound 'angry' to her. She hates being directed i guess. Being told what to do. We'll slowly adapt.

Everytime we passed by Empire Gallery, she'll go 'I wanna go to MY ballet class, pleaseeeee'. Hmmmm...we'll try again after our christmas holiday.

*They have few learning center for kids in Empire. Baking clsss, Art class (painting and clay, if i'm not mistaken), music class, ballet dancing and of course KidszSports. All in the same level, which i have forgotten which. All i remembered it is the top floor of the mall. Not to sure if it is level 'S' or '2'.


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