Monday, November 09, 2015


Wow...this thing still exists! Hahahaha

I was just checking if my blogspot is still there.And yes,it is! Been really awhile this time. My oh to start now?

Been lingering around instagram and once in a while "meroyan" in twitter.

Back in the howetown. Living a laid back but expensive life. The costs of living in Miri is so high (at least for my standard). I think i could have paid double of the price of groceries i paid in KL. Fresh fruits especially (not to mention,they are hard to find too). No more juicing for me.

Kids are adjusting well. They conversed well in BM already. Brandon included. That little boy is in the T2 phase. Tantrums like no tomorrow. His love for cars and trucks now expanding to toy guns and aeroplane. Not so much of superheroes and cartoon characters this one. Oh, maybe just transformers. Bumblebee to be specific. That too might be because of the cars.

Milan is doing great in school. Quite an impressive results but have yet to get As for BM 😅. Her BM vocabs are not that good. So most of the words are new to her. She somehow turns into a shy girl now. But a chatterbox still. I dont know why i cant stop talking she said.

Sophie, our soft and shy one. Due to some "technical issue", she only started going to kindy on 1Aug. She did cried a little. Whenever i sent her in the morning, the teachers will greet her "chao an Sophie" or "good morning Sophie", only to be replied with a straight face or just a smile if they are lucky. Hahaha. She danced for her school carnival yesterday. She practiced everyday at home and got so excited about it. But of course on the day itself, then only the nervous kick in. Too many people around and Mama was nowhere to be seen (she was backstage and i cant wait with her), so she cried a little and rubbed her eyes. Smeared her eye liner. But she did it anyway.

Myself. I am struggling with the new lifestyle. Rushing almost everyday. School runs, groceries run. I guess i lost few kgs already because i managed to wear my old pants&jeans (have to wear belt). So,yay!

Dad is immobile now. He had his 2nd stroke attack on 18Aug. His right side of the body is weak. It affects his memory too. The first month after the attack was the hardest for me at least. I cried almost every night. I felt sorry for him. How sometimes he will shed tears. We all know, daddies are the strongest in the family. And when you see them in tears, it is unbearable. Our lives totally changed. He dont talk that much anymore. I remembered the last conversation i had with him was at dinner. Even then, he was all quiet. That could be the sign of the attack. The next day, my sister found him on the floor. He fell on his right side. Admitted in the hospital for almost a week and he was discharged. There's nothing much you can do with a stroke patient. I mean, in term of medication. Just physiotheraphy and watch their diet. Well, things happened for a reason. Silver linings are real. It could have been worse. Just hope and pray for better days and he will be back on his feet again.

Ok, the kids are up. Need to make their breakfast. I promised pancakes to Sophie last night. Happy Deepavali friends! Sophie is not going to school today because she has cough (not a public holiday in Sarawak). Till next one.


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