Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Yay...the venue for the reception is already confirmed. So, i can move on with the rest of the stuffs. My friend jadi tukang usha cos she is over "there" and so happened that she got to attend a function there on Monday. She told me "kedak kek ballroom tok" (this ballroom looks like a cake)..hahahah..goodlah..then when we have our first dance we'll just look like the cake top!!!hahah

Monday, July 30, 2007

My birthyday (extension...)

Hahahha...my lady boss just made my day!!It's indeed a splendid Monday that i can't wait to blog about it. I saw a big Ikea plastic bag on my table this morning and to my suprise it was a rattan box with no card. Cheh..i was like, saper lak bagi ni? Kalau mase sekolah2 dulu, sure dah 'butterfly' dah. Tp, i mmg oredi agak it was from her. She is such a sweet boss.

Takpe lagi..i thot Crabtree&Evelyn cos dia minat this particular brand. So, during lunch break (like now...) i opened the box and kat dlm tu are actually Loccitanne nyer products!!i was like "tak pernah2 i imagine she will give me this"...oklah, gtg before i'm caught blogging from the office. i'll post the photo soon...

OK, here's the photo..

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Birthday celebration finale..

The birthday celebration this year was super great. On the day itself, i received so many birthday wishes from friends, family and colleagues. Mark being the first one (wished me on 26th night, afraid that he might forget about it!!). I like to keep their wishes here in this blog as rememberance (ye lah, sms nak buang sayang ..nak simpan full lak).

Mark: Aku takut aku terlupa kelak...happy bday Kay (yup, he called me that!!). All the bestand have a blessed life. mark
Alice: I'm here looking for you onlyto say Happy Birthday!!!(with some graphics)
Angie: Happy b'day. May d good Lord bless u. Peace.
Sand: Elo sek, hepi 27th bday. N God bless.
0193859558: (alamak, tatau saper) Happy Birthday!
Den dearest: - ni takleh nak discloselah aww...hahah -
Vitcent: Sorry for the late wish (he wished me at 12:57am..late?). Happy Bday and may God bless you.
Julie Cornelius: Happy 27th Birthday!!
My only sista: Happy Bithday!
Yett: Happy birthday!
King Arthur (my bro): Happy bday!
Fay: Happy birthday!!hope u have a great day today and God bless u.xoxo..
Yan: Happy bday carol! Wish u all d best! Moga cpt kawin and cpt dpt baby! (hhahhaah)
Mom: Sorry for the late wish, i remembered this morning then i totally forgot about it.. Hugs and kisses(after i wished her happy anniversary..yup my parents got married on the very same day)
Anna: Happy bday! Moga panjang umur n murah rezeki. Muacksss..
Mrs Josef (my future MIL): A heart and a cute bear to say Good-Luck and happy bday to you (with graphics)
Iena: Hi Carol, happy bday! May u hv a wonderful year!
My sister's friend: Happy bday sis Carol!
0163643018 (also tatau saper..): Carol, happy birthday!
Sand: Many happy returns for the day sek!
Dehto: Happy 27th bday carol!semuga panjang umur, murah rejeki and cepat kawen heheh...
My cuz, Gladys: Happy bday. smoga pjg umur, murah rezeki. bila balik miri (cam pantun lak dier ni..)
My cuz, Jill: Happy bday Sis.

During lunch, my colleagues belanjer makan TGIF. I got to stand on the chair (TGIF style) and gave speech with sauce's bottle as a mic..malu giler! Got a bouquet of flower from my colleague. And on Saturday nite, spend the evening with Yett, Mona and Mavis in TGI again!!!I wanted to write more but i so not in the mood now :(

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

2 more days ur head ar!!!

I feel so geram today cos i sent my hp yg 'lemas' oh...actually not me yg sent it was Dearie. So, there is this guy who owned (own ker..ke dia tukang jaga kedai jer..wateva!!), a young chinese guy, typical ah beng type of guy..u know rambut tegak, pastu ckp ngan customer cam bagus. Dearie sent the hp for repair after got this guy's contact no and location from a forum over the internet (he always did this..). He sent it just a day before he left. So, that make it more than a month already.

How do you feel to be a middle person. It's my hp i know but i don't even know that i'm going to deal with this ah beng. I keep on calling his shop to check on my hp, thinking he might be annoyed listening to my voice. BUT!!!this guy is so boleh tahan and keep on saying " Miss ar...give us 2 more days.." then just answer "ok..ok..". His "2 more days" was like few weeks ago and he keep on saying it everytime i called him. I dont know howlah. i wanted to just take the phone back and guess what "u call me first before you come". So, i said "where exactly is my hp?" he said "with me"...then??? R u just sit there and watch my hp until the 2 days lapsed!!Geram tau. Dearie pun satu, keep on asking me "make sure u call that guy" ..mmglah i call, tp dah si ah beng tu dok ckp 2 more days tak habis2. I still prefer the professional service tho it is quite an amount tp guarantee dpt balik. i cam rase he tipu me lah..maybe dia dah repair then jual second hand kan..maner tau. maybe he wanted to delay it thinking that one day i might lost the receipt or totally forgot about the hp or worst still HE LOST THE HP ALREADY!!! huahaauha!!!

Baby pink...are you alright? Did they hurt you? *-*

Sunday, July 22, 2007

27th Birthday celebration 1

So, i had a blastful Saturday yesterday. Went to my brother's place to send him the car then stopped by at my in-laws place. Then, the whole of the family went to attend the sunset Mass and FIL-to-be suggested we headed off to Chilis in BSC to have my advance birthday party. Since i felt so good, i had to forget about my slimming down diet regime and had this...tralallallaa...

Tq all..i feel so blessed with these people around me while the other significant half is in far far away land. The reason of having my birthday earlier was because i have another appointment for a birthday celebration the next day after my birthday..At least something for me to enjoy while juggling myself with jobs at the office and the BIGDAY planning..BTw, i have decided on which hotel to have the reception at but they r so slow man...FIL-to-be is trying to help out by doing bookings at the clubhouse, just in case..but they certainly do not like my idea of having it by the poolside, wheather factor. Maybe i'll have a beach post wedding party for our close friends only. I still want to materialised my dream wedding...huahauhua...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

When she can't decide...

I'm so very pening with my wedding preparation now. With the works in the office, i feel so exhausted. Church was booked but i can't get the hotel that i want on the same day. Then,on hand i got 3 other hotels to choose from. Each one has their own pros and cons. And, i was left alone to choose. Dearie gave it all to me to choose, but someone with ever changing mind choosing a venue for a wedding reception? Err...yeah it is so true, today alone i changed my mind about this hotels few times. At 8am it was Hilton, then 10am, Grand Continental and in between i did think of reschedule the church blessing day just to suit the time with the first hotel that i couldn't get!!!Then, after lunch, i thought maybe after i filled myself i'll think wiser, there goes Merdeka Palace. How!!???When i consulted Dearie, all he said was "anything that makes you happy. You decide..".

I could never imagine it will be this difficult just to choose a hotel. Beer corkage here is expensive but the ballroom looks nice, the other charges damn cheap beer corkage but the ballroom is so low and the turn-off of all wedding reception, the "tiangs". Another thing, parking. This one gives flat rate parking and the other one doesn't mention anything. But, all of these hotels has one thing in common, slow response on replying my e-mail!!!Still Crowne Plaza is the best!!Amy from Crowne Plaza replied my e-mail at 8.37am, and we exchange e-mails in 5 minutes time!!Good customer service. The rest will need to be called then only say "oh yah..i'm reading your e-mail now"..like duh!!i think she is still reading it cos i waited until 8pm, still no reply!!

So, there we go on update on the big day. Let alone the ring shopping, the gown tailoring, the pre-wedding photoshoot..yadda..yadda..zzzzzzZZZZzzzzz

Thursday, July 12, 2007

So, here we go again...

My future in-laws will be returning form their one week break in hometown, Kuching this evening. I don't know how to tell them that i'm so thankful that they have been helping me with the wedding arrangements while my other half is away. I always thought that i'm gonna do it all by myself but they are so helpful. We got the church booking already, on the day that we wanted but....the hotel for reception is already booked by someone else. My dear fren, Estia volunteered herself to look for any venue replacement for the reception since she is residing in Kuching. I'm trying my best to not bother anyone but this whole thing is so very difficult. Told my future MIL about how difficult it is to arrange for your own wedding, she calmed me down by saying "it will be over soon..and it shows that your journey as a family will be smoother".

Works at the office are taxing. With budgetting coming in, i feel exhausted in half a day. Plus, i always skipped my lunch, with hope that i might lose some of those fatty boom boom...so i feel weak by 4pm. Then leave office only after 7, then drive home for another 1 hr. Well, really this is so gonna be over soon...

Saturday, July 07, 2007

On Monday i was asked to write a formal letter addressed to my boss to officially state that i will be leaving the company by end of this year. Then, yesterday i submitted it to him. Guess what he said when he got the letter "i'm not sure what to do with your letter"..i was like, "what!?". Wasn't you guys that requested me to write-in? few days ago, he was explaining to me as to why they need the letter..yadda..yadda. Then, why should you asked me back? He himself also cannot tahan working there. I know...cos, he kept on saying "i might be leaving earlier, before you". Fine, but can you just settle my whatever that was that u guys planned to do when i informed you about my plan. I dont know lah..sorry if you read this blog. But, i guess Maple is right. I cant learn anything from you. One thing i learnt here was i can't tolerate others. I can't wait. I developed bad temper.

Well, even if my other half doesn't worked on the other half of the earth i will still go. Sometimes i tend to think too much, but i never think twice about leaving this job. Honestly, i don't know what to do with my future. Sounds pessimistic or pathetic? Yeah, i admit that.


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