Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fatso Mama

Well, i couldn't agree more when some friends said that i am "berisi" (not that mengandung kind of berisi, but gaining weight) or tembam or bulat. Yes, i've been using the i-am-pregnant excuse. To some extent, i think i overfed myself. There are pregnant mommas out there (well, most of them) are not gaining much weight and yet have a healthy baby. Ye lah, orang lain pun pregnant jugak. Eating for two? Looks like i've been eating for the whole house. I don't blame it on craving either. It is just my appetite. More like, ambil kesempatan untuk melantak. And i don't do workout at all. I now weigh 54kgs. From previous pregnancy experience, i gain average of 2kgs per month. And towards the end of the pregnancy, i gained 3-4kgs. With the swollen ankles and stuff.

Let's do some math here:
Month 5: 54kgs
Month 6: 56kgs
Month 7: 58kgs
Month 8: 60kgs
Month 9: 64 FRIGGIN' KGS!!! Goodness gracious!

1. Average weight gain of 2kgs per month
2. Baby will arrive in month 9

Who to blame other than myself. I've known the fact that losing baby weight is so darn difficult. And look what i have been feeding myself with since yesterday:

This was for yesterday's lunch (when i had the kesedaran sivik to not overfed myself), by
the way those are the photos of types of sushi i made and i had 4-5pcs of each type :O ;

And soon after the lunch, boleh termakan the birthday cake for dessert pulak kan..;

And today, while i was making these keropok lekor at 9.30pm;

I had a bowl of this (bubur kacang durian);

No need to feel quilty? I forgot to mention that i had a half-chicken meal at Kenny Roger's for lunch. Even the daddy ordered only quarter-chicken meal!!! FatSo, SoFat!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Little Yaya

My little niece (cousin's daughter) is in Selayang Hospital now. Together with her mom and grandma. They took off from Miri on the 25th July. She has liver problem. And she is only few months old. She needs liver transplant and blood donation (type O or A). She has been spending her life going to and fro Miri GH for check ups. I truly understand the pain that her mom and family are going through. Pray hard so that, there's an angel sent from heaven above with the donation. And if you are the angel, you may go to Selayang Hospital. Her name is Samantha Avrillinia. Or Mom's name: Suziana Paul.

Our hope and prayers goes to Little Yaya...get well soon.

* thinking of her makes me realised that we have to be thankful to have a healthy and active child (which sometimes we whined about).

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mega Drool

*Pesanan khas untuk sang suami 

 I had sleepless night last night due to my own mistake. Masa nak tido lah nak fikir2 makanan2 yang harus di'belasah' bila dah balik KL nanti. huhu...

Here's the list:
  • DURIAN!!! (tak kisahlah SS2 buffet or ready packed from Giant)
  • Koay Teow Kerang / Wantan Mee Kering (preferably SS2, PJ) + Wheat Grass drink
  • Curry YTF (Lorong belakang Jln Sultan Ismail) *waves to tiTIQ*. Kalau tak sempat Bangsar punya pun boleh lah)
  • Assam Laksa (Jusco)
  • Nasi kerabu (preferably from Pasar Malam Kerinchi)
  • Nasi Air, Nasi Goreng Ayam, Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin (6th College, UM)
  • Loh Mai Kai
  • Any chinese mixed rice (most probably going straight for lunch at Lucky Garden upon arrival in KL)
  • Putu Bambu (pasar mlm Kerinchi)
  • Tau Fu Fa (gula merah)
  • Cendol (SS15, SJ)
  • Popia basah & cendol Mohammad (Pasar Ramadhan Stadium Melawati)
  • Kebab Melewar
Ok, there's more but maybe sometimes we need to eat at home too lah jugak...and i only have like 2 weeks in KL. Nak ajak Kak Yati buka puasa dkt Tupai2 pun ada gak ni. Yangggg....

About the foods in Miri, too much to blog about. :) ...For now, i'll have crackers (dlm bahasa Frenchnya: roti kibin) to minimise the drooling. Laters peeps...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BMW 3 Series

So, i'm now officially one of the Beautiful Marvelous Woman (BMW) of the 3 Series. Haha...

How does it feels? It feels so good. Knowing the fact that i have a happy life with a good family, good husband, beautiful daughter (daughterS by November) and God has granted me with good health (to which i then add some flabs).

Nothing fancy for celebration. A decent lunch at Chop Chop Tea House & Restaurant (BCC). At first i couldn't decide whether to go for western or oriental. But, i'm more to chinese cuisine. And Chop Chop has it all. We had Prawn Tom Yum soup, Chicken Shui Mai and rice combo. Semua adalah sangat sedap. Sangat berbaloi. I finished my tom yum soup to the last drop. Milan had her lunch at home, but still she enjoyed her shui mai.

Then, roaming around BCC. Papa asked if i want to get anything. I couldn't find anything to my liking. Anyway, he already bought a handbag as a present. Maybe next time. And i'm trying to minimise the luggage weight home.

Later in the evening, Papa bought an ice cream cake from BR. A small one, more than enough for the 3 of us. There goes my 30 years YOUNG celebration :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

19 Mos

Happy 19 Mos Milan dear!

  • Has so much tantrums. Mommy is not so worry about it as this is the phase when it should happen. Every toddler has it. The only thing Mommy needs to do is to stay calm (which is very the difficult)
  • Favourite cartoon shows: Special Agent Oso (Oso) and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Mimi Mouse). Not so much into Dora anymore.
  • Loves to dance (* see pic above)
  • Can count 1 - 10. But ABC tunggang terbalik :). Recognizes animals and their sounds
  • More words but conversation-wise still sound like 'burung berkicau'. The longest sentence would be 3 words put together. 
  • Likes to throw things
  • 12 teeth

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Balik Raya?

Homai...i've got the raya date wrong! At first i thought it will be on 14.09.10. So, we'll be leaving KL (to Miri) only after the daddy leave to Bahrain. That is on the 11.09. Can't remember how did i came across the first date. Dahlah dengan penuh semangat siap canangkan dkt kawan2 di Miri yang i akan balik beraya. Siap plan nak visiting masa raya and gathering before raya. Yang paling tak tahan, baju raya pun dah ada nih!!! Siap nak beli sepasang lagi. I know, raya sebulan...but the first two days are the best. Boleh makan ketupat!

Last night, we were having a farewell dinner for a family. They are leaving Bahrain for good. Balik Malaysia. So, borak punya borak...sekali another friend mentioned Raya is on 10.09. I was like " ke?!!". Not sure where my 2nd brother and family will celebrate their Raya, KK or Miri.

Howlah...i need to inform the girlfriends...huhu

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Big Sister

Ya ampun, Milan adalah TERsangat mengada2 manja sekarang ni. It all started since the last two days. At least that is what i've noticed. Before this, she is fine to watch tv alone while i'm in the kitchen. Just that, sekali sekala i jenguklah dia. When the daddy is around, better still. But, now all of that are so not applicable anymore. She would go "mommy, where mommy?" as soon as she can't see me. Semalam masa nak pegi check up, i almost lost my patience. She followed me to see the nurse. Masa nurse tgh sibuk amik my blood pressure, she was so busy touching the nurse's tag. Masa nak timbang berat, dia nak naik dulu. Pastu dgn mulut kecik "see Dedek"..pot pet pot pet.

Masa jumpa doctor, dia lak sibuk nak panjat2 Mommy. Until the nurse had to express her concern of not letting her doing that. Even the doctor cakap, there might be a problem here when you are heavily pregnant. I told the daddy, luckily they don't manage to see how Milan will climb on top of me while we are sleeping. Then, she wanted to drink the glucose drink too. Oh, i think i haven't mention how she will sit or lie on the floor when she is protesting to something.

Agaknya sebab Mommy banyak sangat tahan geram yesterday, Dedek pun banyak mengeras. At first, i thought Milan was just being cranky because she was sleepy. Sekali malam tu, masa Mommy nak prepare her dinner pun ulang perangai yang sama. Nak Mommy dukung. Mommy mandi, dia melalak dgn papa dkt luar. Basically, i can't be out of her sight at any point of time. Sampai the daddy pun macam nak hilang sabar.

One thing i learn since i graduated from motherhood is being patience. Most of the times, i will just keep quiet and take a deep breath. Sabar kan separuh dari iman. Masalahnya sekarang, iman saya pun tak sebesar mana. Like the late grandpa Silo used to say in kiput

"nadih han anak guek, kew sak leu maket"
Trans: "Never mind a naughty child, as long as he is not sick"

I hope i will be more patience considering the family is expanding already. Need to master the stress/anger management. Raising a child was never easy. And so, i am someone's child. Karma?I think so :)

Scary Merry

Baru dah habis melantak popia goreng inti luncheon meat ni, hehe. Macam mana lah tak naik 2kg every month. Last check up 52kgs, tadi dah 54.2kgs. Ni tak balik Msia lagi. Habislah kalau Tigger besar sangat nanti. Dengan Mommy yang ingat2 lupa cemana nak push ni. Kalau boleh tak nak lah dapat 3rd degree tear lagi. Amatlah 'bahagia' kalau kena lagi.

Today, meeting Dr Shailaja again. Everything's fine. Tigger is fine. But, no scanning today only listened to her heartbeat. Tetiba, Dr Shailaja cakap kena buat blood test. Homaigod! Bila mention the word 'blood' je, mmg naik bulu roma. Hari tu dah buat dah sekali. That was for 3 tests. 1 test = 1 small tube. Today, 2 more tests. Sempat lagi i asked her, "why didn't they do the tests during the previous extraction?". She said, this test kena buat at this stage i.e: 21 weeks. Haih, berapa banyak tests daa... yang sebenarnya akak takut kat jarum tu.

Jap, nak 'gaduh' ngan Milan jap. Dari dekat hospital, asyik being cranky. Sana sini, mommy...mommy.

Ok, sambung cerita. Pasal blood test tadi tu. Jumpa doctor kol 4pm. Then, pegi lab. Ingatkan boleh terus ambik darah. Rupa2nya, for glucose test, kena minum dulu air glucose tu for 1 hour. Then, baru boleh ambik darah. Daddy macam dah bengang sebab byk sangat hal kan. Nak tak nak, daddy kena angkut Mommy and Milan sekali pegi office, ambik bag kerja dia, hantar the French consultant balik hotel, pastu patah balik hospital untuk ambil darah. Sampai kaunter, senyuman manis diri ini hadiahkan untuk lab technician tu, dibalas dengan muka masam dengan tak pandang muka kita pun. PMS apa...?The previous technician was quite nice. Senyum2, borak2. Pastu dorang ada sistem kepuasan pelanggan lah kut. She was supposed to give each patient two face cards. One with smiley face and another one with sad face. So, tengok lah if u rasa dia ok, letak lah the smiley face, kalau tak letak the sad face dalam box tu. Tadi, tak dapat pulak. Daddy cakap, maybe dia dah sure mmg dapat sad face punya, lol!

On the way balik, rasa macam nak jalan2 gi Mothercare. Again, alasan nak carik stroller Milan. Last2 dapat benda lain. Ter'beli' lak Tigger's reusable diapers (dulu tak beli utk Milan, sebab pakai lampin kain. Jenuhnya nak align sebab senang sangat nak terbuka), then a baby blanket, toys and sandal for Milan.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Muhd Danish is 7

Happy Birthday Danish...

Dah besar dah anak2 buah. It's still feel like yesterday that he was just a little debab baby boy. Now he is a big brother to his 3 siblings. Very talkative (anyways, all of them are). Kadang2 kalau semua berkumpul, siap ada yang nak tutup mulut each other sebab berebut nak bercakap. When i was still pregnant with Milan, they were so curious about the baby's name. I said "tak tahu lagi". He said "saya rasa baby nak nama dia PUTERI". Boleh?! Haha...

Then, the 2nd day we were home from the hospital, he asked me "Mak Bok, ada lagi satu baby kah dlm perut Mak Bok tu? kenapa masih besar?". Nasiblah Danish yang tanya, kalau Dennis...ermmm. Pastu ada lagi kes he kept a slice of his sister's birthday cake for me to eat during my pantang. "Mak Bok, kenapa lauk Mak Bok sama saja? Ada saya simpan kek bday Lysa utk Mak Bok. Mak Bok makan lah". Sangat comel!!!

Tak sabar nak jumpa diaorang. Tp nanti, mesti darah naik kepala kalau bising sangat. Pulak....kan.

* Today we are going for Tigger's 21weeks check up. The next one will be the last check up in Bahrain. Then, we are going home. *Hello Dr Lee*.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Once Upon A Durian

Finally, we managed to find the durian last Saturday, at Carrefour.

Oh...before beli durian tu masuk ShoeCiti sebab nak tengok sandal for Milan. All her sandals are undersized already. And she wanted the Dora crocs, tapi they don't have it in her size. Then, to Mothercare, for her stroller. We thought of getting her a lightweight stroller. Her previous one will be passed down to her sister. But, they don't have much choice. Then, went in to Forever21. I need to get some oversize tops. Most of my tops are a lil bit too small for the growing belly.

Back to the durian. Both of us are not experts in choosing durian. So, i picked randomly. I was putting one in the trolley, until the daddy asked "only one?". Apa lagi...i took another one. hehe...pantang kena offer.

It was 3pm when we reached home. Milan had only her biscuits. In facts, all of us had only biscuits. Why didn't we have our lunch outside? Because, i already prepared chicken rice. While i get the food ready on the table, i was nagging the daddy to 'open' (peel? crack?) one of the  durian. My oh my...looking from the way the daddy was struggling with it, i should have known it is not ripe yet. But, being impatient like i always do, i told him to go ahead. So, there we were 'munching' on the durian like munching chips. Kruppp...kraappp..! We then thought we might as well keep the other one until we can see cracks on the skin. That happened today. Finally, adalah feeling makan durian...the daddy ate only 3 pieces, the rest are for Mommy!!!

Priced at almost RM20 per kg.
Yummiest!!! Thank you Papa darling, xoxo

So far, she doesn't like the taste of the durian. Makan keychain lagi sedap kot!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Noon Moon

Masalah betul la bila Milan ni lambat bangun. Mommy nak pegi 'dusun' dekat Carrefour ni, nak cari durian. Chicken rice pun dah nak siap dah Mommy masak. Tak bangun2 lagi. Malam tadi punyalah payah nak ajak dia tidur. Instead of me telling her bedtime stories, she told me hers. Mommy yang hampir terlelap. Bedtime story dia pulak jenis camping dlm tent punya. I.e: kena angkat selimut, kasi dia masuk and she will start her story telling yang most of the time dalam bahasa 'mandarin' (agak2 macam tu lah bunyinya). Bila tang words yang dia tahu je baru Mommy faham. Agak2 Mommy nak terlelap, dia jerit pulak...MOMMY!!! Ok, layan je. Sementara Dedek tak keluar lagi. Siap berbelit2 lidah dia nak story telling.

Oh yeah, last night while we were 'siming' (swimming), the daddy was in the gym. So, there were only the 2 of us in the swimming pool. She was fine splashing until suddenly she looked terrified and hugged and hold on me so tight and hide her face. Alamak, Mommy yang sangatlah 'berani' ni, rasa cuak jugak. Nasib baiklah dekat negara lain. Kat sini, se'berani'2 i, tak lah sampai imagine benda yang pelik2. So, i asked her "what's wrong? u saw MOMOK?". She said "no" (ayat biasa, yes also "no"). "Where's the momok?". Still closing her eyes and hiding her face, her finger pointing at our kitchen window. Nasib baik dia tak tunjuk, kat belakang Mommy ke apa. Then when i asked her how was momok's eyes and mouth looked like. She pulled her eyes down and open her mouth wide...WAAAA....geli hati bercampur seriau!

Ni kalau balik kampung nanti, habislah Mommy. Our longhouse is not fully occupied anymore. Ramai yang dah migrate to bandar. Our neighbour pun takde. By that time, kalau Milan dah betul2 pandai bercakap, habislah...habislah...


I was 'gtalk'ing with mommy Ethan this afternoon. You know, normal mommies stuffs. And she was asking what do i like to eat the most now that i am pregnant (sounds grammatically wrong it seems :) ).

Well, i don't crave for anything particular at the moment. Just that kdg2 teringat lah jugak dkt sayur2 kampung (lauk!). Alamak, now that i'm utilising my rusty brain to think about foodies, tetiba nak slurpee kat 7-Eleven tu. Tadi, macam mana entah boleh ter'borak' pasal durian with the daddy. Last Friday ada nampak durian dekat Carrefour, tp hubby cakap tunggu je lah balik Malaysia nanti. I was ok then. Tapi, rasanya nak lah jugak. He said tomorrow we'll go to look for the durian. Takut bum-bum Dedek pun ada dark patches mcm kakak. Kes durian jugak tu.

Ha, ada satu ni yang i like to eat now. Smoked cod roe spread/ dip (taramasalata)!!! Makan fries, makan nugget, makan crackers...semua nak cicah the dip. Sampai hari ni tak google lagi on whether it is safe to consume this. Pastu suka makan mee goreng Mas Joko (the tukang masak indonesian dekat restaurant melayu kat sini). Lagi...rasanya tak da lagi. Ada...tapi simpan sampai balik Msia.

* Hari ini panas sangat 45deg. Tapi bawa jugak Milan pegi swimming sebab dah 3 hari dia dok mengintai swimming pool from the kitchen windows and insisted on "go siming". Saya rasa sangatlah tak fit. Rasa sangat penat after 1 lap, a veryyyy slow one..

Friday, July 16, 2010


Mesti most of people who are allowed to view my photos in FB perasan that i put many photos of Milan. Like, MANY, many. Sekali upload mau 5-10 photos.
And i read some statuses in FB too, mentioning how irritating it is to some people to have others talking about their kids and putting their photos every single day. "macamlah anak dia kiut sangat", "anak dia je la yang pandai"...etc

Errr...what is my say about this? Unless you are a mother yourself, go find something better to do. And if you are in my "real friends" list, i'll be more than happy to move you to "someone i know" or better still "i don't know who" list, yes?

If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.

** bukan nya nak menunjuk anak comel ke apa. the main purpose is to update on their well being to the relatives anywhere they are. sbb tu, tag relatives jer... and one more thing. I LOVE taking photos of babies and kids. Thats why i have more photos of Milan and less on myself, foodies, serangga etc. Aik, tetiba terEMO plak, tapi rasa lega...fuh.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Girly Girl

When you ladies are talking about  future 'melaram' session with my girls, I can see the 1st one is doing it already. On her own!!! Talking about starting early. Entah2 the sister tinggal nak jadi model for the bigger sister je lagi :)

* she was playing with my lip balm while i took my shower yesterday. Hancur, that i now have to use a cotton bud to pick up the 'leftovers'. and about the diaper, she wants it to be there.

Sam and Lola

There SHE is!!! Smiling and all. Another pretty little PRINCESS of ours :)

** exclusively for the blog readers. Facebook etc..nada!! maybe later :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Half full

Hola...cómo estás? Felicitaciones por ganar la final.

We watched the final at home. Nak mengangkut Milan adalah agak malas. Nak tgk dkt public places macam tak sesuwei lah pulak. With the smokes etc. Best was to watch at home. Sambil makan the last meal of Laksa Sarawak. Normally we don't take dinner cause we have our lunch quite late (i.e: 3.30pm), but yesterday's lunch (the Yong Tau Foo) was a mini 'disaster'. I managed to make the sauce but the stuffed okra and brinjal were so erghhhh...and i don't feel like telling you about the attempt to make chee cheong fun (which ended up in the garbage bin!!)

Then, by 9pm, the daddy was already hungry and asked if we have anything to eat. I remembered that we have a half-packet of Laksa Sarawak paste in the freezer. Part paling lemah nak masak laksa ni is the aromatherapy it gives. Satu rumah berbau macam kedai jamu. Teringat masa dalam pantang. But, still the taste is sooooo gooooodddd!! Favourites!

Nak cerita pasal Milan sikit. She used to love her pink bunny, Minshi (Mimzy). Not to the extend sampai kena usung sana sini lah kan. But, kadang2 she will ask for it. Minshi went to London and Paris too! But, recently she was all over her Baby Tet (the Tweety Bird). Sikit2 nak Baby Tet. Minshi telah di'anak tiri'kan. I told her the other day, must love both like Mommy love her and Dedek. No favoritism. Mengarut je lah kan i ni, macamlah Milan faham lagi :)

Oh yeah, yesterday we went for Dedek's anomaly test scan. And guess what.......

We can start with the names hunting and shop for a layette  already!!!! I'll let you pretty people know in my next post, sebab nak scan gambar dulu. 
** Walaupun saya adalah sangat excited nak bagitau!!! hehe

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Nujum Pak Sotong

At first i was wondering about who the heck is this Paul the octopus these people are talking about in FB. I asked the daddy, he was clueless as well. Sampaikan he thought it was the nickname for P.a.u.l P.a.r.k.e.r, the sport critic in ESPN.

All i know about this sotong was about his predictions. Itupun from friends' statuses in FB jugak. Being curious, i wiki'ed' about 'him'.

Oh, ingatkan manusia...hehe!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Super Fast

It's 9.30am. Milan woke up early today and WE didn't go back to take OUR morning nap as usual. We did some cleaning up in the kitchen, then started to pack the unused shoes, her baby's clothes. I really don't have any idea what to do with the diapers bags. I have two of them.

Believe it or not, it's almost 2nd week of July. And we are leaving somewhere end of August. Need to pack up everything as the daddy is moving back to the old house.

I can feel the baby bump is growing bigger day by day. Now, i can get up too fast anymore. Need to get ready for the "D" day already. Mentally and physically. Need to read up more on breastfeeding, the pushing, the Kegel exercise and many more.

Tigger's kicks are stronger. Hopefully we'll know the gender on our next appointment, 21.7. The daddy is the one who gets excited to know. Easy to shop, he said. Well, i don't really mind. As i plan to have 2 more, if health permits...hehe.

Few more weeks, I'll be 30!!!Woohhooo!!!I used to have a list of things to achieve by the age of 30. Well, I've accomplished some of them and the rest would have to wait. I've moved them to 35 and no compromise this time. Glad i haven't lost the momentum just yet.

Laters...need to entertain Milan watching Disney's.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Keropok Lekor

Ever since Misha gave me some keropok lekor the other day, i was thinking of making them myself. Last weekend, we went to search for the ingredients.

Agak menyam*** lah jugak when the fish seller thought that i was a 'kabayan'. "Yes kabayan". When i asked what kind of fish are they selling, they explained to me the name of the fish in Filipino. So, i main 'gamble' lah, thinking i might be getting the right fish, i.e: mackerel. I purposely chose the big one, so that easy for me to skin and bone.

It turned out as expected (the look lar), but not the taste. A little bit salty. Hubby said it is good as i was making it for the first time. The color was a bit pale. Might be because of the fish flesh. If i could find 'ikan parang' maybe it would turned out darker. I don't know really. Dalam tak puas hati pun habis jugak we belasah.

Good enough to satisfy my cravings :)

- blend the flesh of the fish
- mix with flour and salt (form a dough)
- bentuk kan panjang2
- dip in boiling water
- bila dah timbul, take out and toss
- cut and fry

** Entah apa punya semangat dok ada semalam, siap buat nasi kerabu & puding koktel berkuah :). Tapi anak dara i yang sangat 'rajin menolong' sangat2 memberi kerjasama dengan menumpahkan kuah koktel. Terpaksa bancuh 2 kali.

~ muka cuak sebab tengok Mommy dah 'menyinga'! ~

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Shrek is Momok!

Before it is long forgotten, i better blog about it. Milan went to her first movie last friday. It was Shrek: Forever After.

We took the earliest show, 12noon. She woke up pretty early that day, 6am. We did plan to take her to watch her first movie but it was like a "YES, NO" plan. You know, taking a kid to their VERY FIRST in anything is like taking a big challenge.

Until at about 11am, when we couldn't figure out what to do with the rest of the day, then only we decided to take her to Seef Mall. By that time, tinggal Mommy sorang lagi belum mandi. Reached Seef at 12am, bought tixs, drinks and popcorns. Get some extra straws in case Milan gets bored and she can play with them.

The show has already started when we went in. Lucky us, there were only less than 20 audiences in there theater (incl us). At first she was so scared. Understood, it was dark and loud. And Shrek appears d@mn humongous. Then, she was alright when she saw the donkey. A "horse" to her. Then, the rest was history. She was quite noisy after that. Imitating the actions, repeating the words. When there was nothing interesting to watch, she wanted to walk along the aisle. Then, wanted to sit on her own at the empty seat next to me.

Not a bad experience though :)


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