Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Got To Do It

Oh my,what have i been doing for the last 11 months? Totally neglecting this blog. Having to raise 3 kids (2 pre-schools and a toddler) on 24/7 basis really consumes my energy. The sisters go to bed by 9pm. The brother earlier than that. But he will wake up few times for feeding.

Oh ya..what i've been doing all these while. I guess nothing much. Maybe i've been addicted to instagram so much that it works as my blog too. Where i post a photo and then write quite a lengthy caption.

Brandon is 1 year old already. No fancy birthday celebration for him. Poor boy. I baked him a cake though. He started walking when he was about 11mos. Quite a petite and lightweight boy,just like the sisters.

Milan is in her 2nd semester kindy. Next year she's going to primary one. I hope she'll be doing alright. Sophie will be in kindy year 1. So, there'll be just me and Brandon in the morning. I need to find out what to do to kill the time.

I have so much more to write about but i'll find another time.

Till then.


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