Saturday, May 31, 2008

Our Magical MyLO

We went to the 2nd medical check up today. This time with Dr Dhaliwal herself. She asked me about the vomitting etc. I'm actually not that sure how the obstetricians aged my MyLO. As Dr Dhaliwal put it, i'm in my 11wks+. a week ahead than i thought i was. the most exciting part of the visit was of course the ultrasound. say hi to MyLO...

Both me and DTB went "wow..the baby has grown. so very different from the last time we saw 'her'". which was like 18 days ago.

The feeling was so magical and still is. I cried again watching MyLO moved her hand and listening to her heartbeat. Then, Dr Dhaliwal told her nurse to hand her an 'investigation' form. INVESTIGATION?? i was so nervous. nak investigate apa pulak ni kan? until i saw, Rubella...i went "Hon, i kena buat blood sampling ni. die lah..". terus teringat dkt cerita Iena. The last time i kena amik darah was i think 5 years back.

While the lab lady took my blood, i dare not looking at the syringe. sakit gak sikit, tp gagahkan hati jugak. ye lah, kata nak beranak nak cucuk sikit pun tak tahan. DTB became my monitor. He went "smoothlah your blood flow..". 1 poke and that was it.

On our way back, adalah orang tu kan..

DTB: wow..our baby is so big oredi kan? terharu tengok. when i saw she moved, rasa lain sangat (read: pedih ulu hati sebab control hensem taknak nangis kut,hahaha)
Moi: itulah. me too. so magical.
DTB: i takut u nangis jer td. nampak mcm nak nangis.
Moi: i mmg dah nangis pun.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Maternal Affair - Soya Bean Is Good For Baby's Skin

Yesterday evening, since DTB needs to go to the bank, i decided to tag along. he always knew that whenever i decided to actually step out of the house in the hot desert heat, i only have one thing in mind. Shopping.

While he went inside the bank, i chose to stay in the car with the a/c on and take a short nap. then, after he's done with whatever that was needed to be done, i suggested we go to the chinese store (my 1st time). btw, the store is just 6 mths old and the aunty is from China. i immediately took the shopping basket as if i knew what to buy. it is a small, 'cute', little store with a typical china woman aunty with her permed hair up, white sleeveless and knee length short. matched with her yellow rubber slipper. "ni how" she greeted us. me, being a 'jakun' in the shop, 'browsing' everything right from the fridge near the entrance to the shelf on the right. then from upper side of the left shelf to the lower side of the another shelf in front. too elaborative eh...ok cut the crap. that was at one corner i saw packets of all sorts of beans. and teng...teng..teng...there was "SOYA BEANS". i grabbed a pack at first until DTB saw a soya bean drink powder with calcium. and i put the soya bean pack back on the shelf. I wasn't sure how to make a drink out of the bean. But i'll get it tomorrow since Gwen taught me how to. Arigato, Gwen san. So, last nite MyLO had his/her first soya bean drink.

See how mommy never giving up for you MyLO. mommy pray that you never give up on mommy too. just hold on tight until you are ready to meet mommy and daddy. alamak, apsal ending emo ni?..tsk..tsk.


* off topic

~ after the chinese shop, we went to WoolWorths again. i wanted to get the maternity skirt. i managed to get one with a yoga pant too. i dunno la, whenever i plan to buy 1 item, i'll end up buying either none or more than 1. ok, back to the skirt again. at the counter:

cashier: this is a maternity skirt. ok no? (they always have this 'no' as in "ok ke?")
* while staring at moi's so-far-still-flat tummy*

me: that's fine.

~ btw, Pu3 size 8 just fits me nicely. itu sekarang 10wks +. hahaha..ada hati kita nak pakai size 6.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Maternal Affair - C-Sect vs Vaginal

I was IM'ing' with one of my high school darling, Gwen, two days back. talked about her wedding preps etc. then, about my pregnancy. until, she asked me how i plan to deliver the baby.

Moi: i wanna go normal. as normal as possible. no epidural etc.
Her: i'll go for c-sect
Moi: y? scared of the tear?
Her: Ouch!!!
Moi: i think should be fine. my mom delivered 6. ok jak.
Her: my aunt, 14.
Moi: hahaha...

I really wanna go normal. unless 'otherwise'la (those we don't speak of). none of the mothers in the family went for c-sect before. except for aunt Julie for her late and final pregnancy. and i remembered how my mom react when my 1st sis-in-law, Kak Jess walked comfortably immediately after delivery. she went "has this lady beranak ke belum?". she knew every single tips on delivery cos she's a nurse. she is my 'walking bible'.so did Kak Anna, my 2nd sis-in-law. both of them delivered 3 cute babies thru vaginal birth. and they never attend any kind of classes for that. lucky them.

another good friend, Faz lagik terer. she had her contraction around 1.30am and delivered baby Qaseh an hour later with a single push. and how she described it..?? "PLOP!!the baby was out!".

i hope that i'll be as lucky as the ladies and as strong as my mom when the time comes.

Other maternal issues:

* There's no soya beans drink in Bahrain. I was told it is good for baby's skin. later k MyLO. mommy get u as many as mommy can when we get back in Msia. but for now, mommy is not giving up, well..not yet, to look around.

* mommy and daddy can't wait to 'see' you this weekend.

* mommy and daddy think you are a boy.

* if MyLO is a girl, we have not decided on her christening@1st name yet.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Maternal Affair - Maternity Wear

My mother sms'ed' me yesterday asking if i'm doing alright etc. i said i'm fine except for the sickness. "don't wear tight pants" she said. that is in order not to squeeze your tummy hence can help reduce nauseous. My problem now is that, i'm running out of loose trousers. i brought my tight skinny jeans which i hate to wear now. the tight becomes super tight due to the "extension" both from front and back.

Anyhoos...after our lunch at Wang Thai (a thai restaurant - will post photos on this one later), and after shopped for some groceries at a thai supermarket, we went to Woolsworth in Al-Jazira Supermarket. well, to just check if they do sell some nice loose pants. true enough, they did! a maternity pants sumore! with size 6 sumore sumore (double sumore!). and there were gorgeous long skirt, patio dress (thanked god for this petite body..i can wear it as my maternity dress..huhu), maternity short pants.

then, i saw a gorgeous wedges. comes in 3 colors (pink, green and yellow). i went tak tentu hala cos banyaknya benda nak beli. until, DTB asked..."nanti when u dah 'gemok' can pakai high heels ar?". "ermm...betul jugak kan, nanti i sakit belakang pulak" i replied. tp, kalau dah nak tu..."but nvm, i buy it now for future use. u know after the baby dah keluar"., end up tak beli pon.

i don't intend to buy a real maternity clothings for myself. i'll go for an oversize t-shirts. so far, i bought some tops from Forever21 which is a little bit large to wear at the moment. but, they will be this 5'2 mommy's maternity wear.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Kesian baby...

I'm in agony. Susah betul la sekarang ni. i keep on craving for the sarawak local foods which is IMPOSSIBLE for me to get. i start to imagining MyLO nanti keluar2 jer, meleleh air liur. Poor my little MyLO. DTB even advised me to go home sooner. Rasa nak nangis pon ader. So emo lah today...homesick, cravings. Ok, i did something stupid which make me feel lagi sakit. i actually 'googled' the image of those foods that i craved for. Kesian tak? huauauuaahuaa...nak letak gambar2 tu kat sini pon mcm menyeksa batinku sahaja.

Antara makanan yang kalau korang makan, harus tau...ingat dekat ibu mengandung sorang ni:

~ midin (ni org sarawak sure tau punya!)
~ pucuk ubi tumbuk (sarawak mari juga)
~ laksa sarawak
~ mi kolok
~ siao bee (non-halal - also from sarawak)
~ pucuk manis masak lemak
~ kueh chap (ini adalah bukan sejenis kuIh, tp non-halal-sarawak local food gak)
~ nasi kerabu (ngan apa kenama yg cili sumbat tu, daging bakar etc..)

ok dah, tak larat dahlah nak menelan air liur nih. byk lg nak list, tp takpelah. buat sakit jiwa saja, ramlee!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Una rápida, si?

A quick one:

~ I'm still having the morning sickness terribly (sorry not in the good shape to update and chat on IM)

~ thanks Honey for the 'success' to find the chinese shop that sells asam.

~ it is hot and dusty here

~ i don't care, i'm gonna buy that pricey dragon fruit (pittaya) one of these days.

Chiao...need to get ready for the 'regular visit' to the loo. i hate being sick!

Friday, May 16, 2008


Him: Where've you been? (after he came back from office)
Her: The loo
Him: You ok?
Her: I muntah againlah, dear
Him: Baby...*while rubbing her tummy*, don't be naughty and torture mommy like that again will you?
Her: *sigh*, i feel so weak. seems like i'm having my morning sickness in the PM and not in the AM. Just when i started to tell everyone i was fine and no morning sickness at all, it came.
Him: You wanna eat anything?
Her: I guess i want some bananas, apples and milk
Him: Ok, will get them before i go to play futsal.
Her: Room delivery please, *wink*?
Him: Orite!
Her: And please check the laundry if it is done...TQ

About half and hour later...

Him: Here's your banana and...
Her: Fruit juice? I thought i said i want milk?
Him: Really? I forgot.

** I'm having morning sickness in the PM now. Can't really eat proper dinner so i'll just take bananas and milk. Dompy just don't do wonders anymore.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Next time...listen first!

DTB bought himself an Ipod Touch yesterday. No wonderla he:

1. asked this recently easily-getting-tired MTB to sit on a bench while he went inside Geant to look for a wrapping paper. Just a short while sweetie, he said.

2. came out from Geant with a 2m wrapping paper and an extra Geant plastic bag

3. made MTB almost fainted waiting on the bench for him to look for that 2m wrapping paper (plain color sumore..)

I was not bothered to ask what was in the plastic bag until he himself told me. "i bought an Ipod Touch"..and my response "ahhh...i see. and why am i not suprised cos i waited for so long!".

Back home, as i was wrapping his colleague's birthday present, he said "for my birthday.." and i cut half way through "i won't wrap it cos u know what will you get anyway". until he continued "no, i wanted to say. for my birthday, you don't have to give me anything. you've give me a great gift this whole year with MyLO". Dang!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Thanks to My Little One (MyLO)

I'm close to 30 now and honestly i have failed my attempts to cook rice without using the rice cooker. whenever i tried and succeed it would be because of my mom who will be there in the kitchen to monitor. and i admired my mom for her cooking skills. when she's awake at 3am in the morning and can't get back to sleep, she'll bake. all you know, there'll be a sponge cake or fruit cake with tea for breakfast.

and yours truly has not inherited mommy's cooking skills. N.O.N.E. now that i'm away from home country, and am pregnant and having a very 'patriotik tekak' (selera malaysia jer), i have no choice but to learn how to cook malaysian food. that's one thing i miss about being home, the food. the nasi lemak, nasi kerabu, chee cheong fun, keropok lekor etc..sabar je lah.

last few weeks, moi was unable to cook due to the hormonal changes. Daddy-To-Be (DTB - formerly known as Mr Husband) was 'ordered' to have his lunch outside. Thanks to DTB kind understanding. Until, one day DTB said outside food sangat tak sedap and moi pulak can't cook. So, after like almost a week, moi start to cook again cos MyLO feels like eating malaysian food. Another thanks to DOMPY (short for DOMPERIDONE - prescribed by doctor to counter nausea).

These are moi's menus for the past few days:

Nasi Ayam (Chicken Rice)

DTB feedbacks:
- chicken's great! (yay!)
- soup is tasteless (*slurp* and a-ah la...i lupa letak garam ke?)
- ur rice lembikla (ha!!!yg ni i mmg dah agak dah)

Nasi Lemak

DTB feedback:
- i makan sikit only, kenyang lagi

moi's feedback:
- MyLO loves it so much!
- almost perfect except teh sambal is manis instead of pedas (so co-incidence doc tak bg makan pedas, so oklah kan..)

Thanks MyLO for making mommy wanted to eat macam2. so now mommy's learning.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

I'm wishing all mothers and mother-to-be(s) in the world a happy mother's day.

And thanks to the wishes that this mummy-to-be received today.

MyLO first bib from Mothercare.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The P in the NUT (Part 1)

Warning: This is gonna be a long grandmother story entry.

Okay, maybe it is too soon but the feeling of having a baby inside you is so how shud describe it. I'm now at my almost 7weeks pregnant. I'll change the ticker date. dunno how they calculate vs the doc calculation. well, it doesn't matter as long as my little one (MyLO) is healthy.

I had the symptoms of a being pregnant since the last 3 weeks but i ignored them. Talked to Mr Husband (MH) about it but he said "i think you nak period ni". ok, maybe. i was 1 week late then. but that was normal for me as i tend to have irregular period. then, delayed for another week, and then the nausea came along. this time MH thought maybe i slept too much and didn't do anything much around the house. ok, maybe. then, came the vomitting after every meal and i can't stand the cooking smell. after every meal, i have a sourish taste (i'm not sure if this shud be described as 'metallic' taste)in my mouth then the food just refused to go in. so, my instinct strongly suggest that i shud do the home pregnancy test. i wanted to do the test while MH is around so that he can check the result because i'll sure frust giler if the result is negative :).

we went to a pharmacy nearby. bought a digital clearblue test kit. the reason why i bought a digital one were:

1. it comes in a pack of two for BD6.2 whilst the manual one are being sold at BD3.2 for 1 and i need 2 of those

2. the result is displayed in words which is so 'cool' - pardon me on this one

Early on 1st May morning, dgn muka mengantuknya i went to do the test. 1st stick i peed on the stick. the monitor showed an hourglass indicating it is in process. but after a short while it showed a 'book' (ERROR! ~ book: refer to manual). Demmit! wasted jer. so, i read the manual. it says: maybe too little or too much urine applied. but how little is too little and how much is too much? well, speaking about the CONS of digital devicelah kan.

well, nvm i thought. i'll do another one. but only can be done in the afternoon cos i was OUT OF URINE! hahaha. by this time, friends send text sms already asking for the result. of which the funniest one was iena's:

" I WANT RESULT! I WANT RESULT!I WANT RESULT! *sambil membawa sepanduk* ~ what makes this text sms even funnier was i read the sepanduk as SENDUK! saya masih mengantuk ma!

the 2nd test i decided dip the stick in a urine container. and after about few minutes, MH went to check on the result. and it stated there "PREGNANT". i was screaming with joy. MH too (minus the screaming!). so, bermulalah sesi menghabiskan kredit hp utk menghantar sms kepada rakan taulan and sahabat handai. since the next day was friday we decided to visit a gynae on saturday.

i was assigned to Dr. Chettana under Dr. Dhaliwal Clinic in Ibn Al Nafees Hospital. baiknya doc tu. she was suprised when i told her that we were just married last march. she said "wow, seems like you've hit a jackpot". she asked some questions while i asked MANY questions in return. so did MH. and we did the ultrasound and heard the baby's heartbeat for the 1st time. The feeling? Lovely, that i can't help my tears to pour down my cheeks.

At 6wks4days old; 7.3mm long; expected due date: 23Dec08
* the baby is the one measured and not the white thing that popped out (yolk sac) and the black one (my uterus ~ i guessla lol!)


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