Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I have been feeling blue since yesterday. Milan is down with fever n cold. And cough as well. I am sleep deprived. We would have to wake up at the wee hours to wash her, as she threw up as she coughed.

And when it is time to feed her, she would throw tantrums. Hide her face or pushed the plate or spoon. The plates 'flew' few times already. And all i can do is look at her and took my deepest frustrating breath. To make her take her medicines, i need to 'wrestle' with her that sometimes she would kick my growing belly.

The worst was last night. I was trying to get some rest after a long, tiring, frustrating day. And while watching WC, i tried to entertain her by flipping her books. And out of nowhere, she bit my already very sore n****e! It bleed for a bit. I was crying in pain. It still hurt.

Monday, June 28, 2010

18 Mos

Happy 18mos Milan darling!!

Her vocab are improving. But yet to carry out a 'meaningful' conversation. She can pronounced each word nicely but not putting it in a long sentences. The longest would be "ThankS you _________ ".

Very friendly and playful (well, this is based on what others say). Not sure how much she weighs now, but i am sure that she is still 'underweight'. Now she has become so clingy (maybe because she can "sense" the rivalry already". She still replies "No" when asked if she wants anything or basically to almost every question. Yes means the 'YES' kind of yes. U know, with the arms pulled downwards.

Some of her hilarious words: tagun (dragon), titok (laptop), awer (flower), awel (towel) and special edition for WC 2010.... KAPA KAPA (WAKA WAKA)!!!

Some of her malay words are: tada (tak ada) and kakut (takut)

Sometimes, kids can be so impressive and they learn things fast. Like the other day. Whenever she cries "Papa" after being scolded for being so naughty, the daddy will jokingly say "no, i'm not your papa". Then i too wanted to be funny said "yes, he is Dennis". So, last night, she did the same thing. "Papa", i said "no, that's not your papa". Then, guess what she replied???!!!

"DENNIS KAH?" - Mommy fainted - LOL!

Love always sweetie!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Little people

Hi people, Mommy calls me Tigger. I am 17weeks 6days old.

Mommy loves to capture her preggy tummy. This is Mommy's tummy with my big sister Milan (15weeks 2days old) ;


This is Mommy's tummy with me (taken on 23.06.2010 - 17weeks 5days old)
* Looked at what my big sister has done to Mommy's tummy. I can smell j.e.a.l.o.u.s.y :)

** Milan wanted me to draw those pictures on my tummy (draw dedek, then nak car pulak, then nak ball...then i thought, i might as well capture this image :) )

Counting days

Tiap2 pagi sementara nak tunggu Milan bangun, mesti ada sesi menghitung hari, jam, detik...

- Lagi 2 bulan lebih nak balik Msia. Kena pulak bulan puasa. Seronoknya...sbb nak menyibuk dkt pasar ramadhan. Everytime i pregnant, mesti tgh bulan puasa. Rasa best sbb makanan dkt pasar ramadhan best!! Pastu, nak makan mixed rice dekat chinese restaurant. Pendek kata, rasa excited sbb boleh makan best2. Bila nak start packing? Tak tau!

- Lagi 4 bulan lebih nak beranak. Woweee...still tak boleh nak register in my mind that i'll be a mother of 2. Maybe sebab rasa too attached dgn Milan (1st baby). Kdg2 boleh terlupa pulak kena 'borak2' dgn sorang lagi. Kdg2 rasa takut sbb takut terabaikan salah seorang. Love individually and don't try to love equally.

Ermmm...ok, bye :P. Latersss

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

To Do, Just Do It

I don't want to mention the magic word 'busy' here because i haven't move my lazy bum just yet. So, practically i'm not busy but i do have lotsa things to do. My calendar (a catholic calendar for heaven sake) is filled with circles.

1. Baby Tigger is doing fine. Moves a lot. Kakak is so very naughty. Always wanted to lie/sit down on Mommy's belly. Next appointment with the OB is gonna be on 21.7, appointment for Tigger's anomaly scan on 11.7. Milan is due for 18mos immunization on 29.6.

2. I got to start packing. The winter clothes are still lying on the bed in the 2nd room. In fact, they are still in the dry-cleaning plastic. The boots. How to get rid of them lah? I don't think the next winter trip we'll have (if there's any), the clothes can fit me anymore. There are Milan toys and her baby's clothes to sort.

Eh, rasa macam banyak lagi. But, can't think of the rest yet. Baby brain..hehe. Oritey, got to teman Milan watching her 'mouse' (Mickey Mouse Playhouse).

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Papa Is 30

On Sunday night, we celebrated the daddy's birthday. Made a simple chocolate cake with raspberry cheese cream for him. When the cake is done, i baru teringat "my oh my...where are the candles?" or a candle will do. So, i had to sneaked out to the groceries store downstairs and could only find the typical birthday cake candles (spirally, colorful). Thought of getting the numbered candles, but i could only find no.0 and 8. Hence the stand alone candle.

And when i was so ready to bring out the 'surprise', i couldn't find a lighter! Haiya!! By that time, the migraine is kicking in. Malaslah nak pegi kedai lagi kan. Nak tak nak, i have to ask the daddy to go. "pinjam from Abbas la and light one CANDLE" he suggested...aik, dah tahu ke?

No gift for daddy as usual (it's been 2 years). Mana mommy nak fork out money to buy kan. Masak je lah. Meatballs and macaroni for birthday and sushi for father's day.

** This is for "U". Samalah bday bb Marcell duai ya "U"...i'm so happy for you dear!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

All in One

1. Papa lambat pg kerja today cos Mommy lambat bangun buat breakfast and Milan don't want to be left alone in the room.

2. My first attempt making cakoi. Well, hubby said not bad :)

3. Thanks Misha for the keropok lekor.

4. Milan now can say "thankS you!". I told you she loves "S".

5. Papa is thinking of sending us to KL instead of Uko comes and pick us up. Yay!!!

6. A/cond is up and running since yesterday's evening. Hopefully lasts FOREVER!

7. Brasil es grande!!!Tapi dalam sokong2 Brazil, tetap ter'kesian' dekat North Korea (Korea DPR) sbb player no.9 (Jong Tae Se) sebak masa nyanyi national anthem :). Pendek kata, semua players muka kesianlah. Nak buat mcm mana dah negara dia punya policy 'tak nak kawan' dengan dunia lain.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I was randomly browsing through one of the daddy's friend FB photo. Memula sebab he put last weekend photos. The photos was taken after their band's performance.

There was one album named "D'Family". With photos of his wife and kids. And all of his photos are captioned nicely. Or, i would say by reading it you can guess that he is a good son, husband and father.

So, he has a 'special' daughter aged 16. She is so sweet. Suka main dengan Milan. In fact, her friends are those girls who are younger than her. Milan called her 'kakak' (just how she would call any other older girls). Last weekend, she went to talk to Dennis to bring Milan to her ballet performance. She even said, she'll 'jaga and ajar' Milan ballet.

There's two photos of her to which the father captioned (not the exact ones but lebih kurang macam tu lah bunyik dia):

Photo 1:
Our 2nd child. *name*, aged 16. She's the 'special' one who gives me kisses everyday. It's not often you get kisses without being asked to and it comes from the inside

*by this time, i was already in tears

Photo 2:
*name*. The one that i know for sure won't fly away even when the time comes. I'd be more than happy to take care of you my whole life.

*by this time i was sobbing badly. well, i am now, still.....i am very PIERCED inside!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Questions that sometimes i prefer to keep the answers to myself.

1. Berapa umur Milan? Kecik-kecik dah dapat adik

(Well, umur mak dia u tak nak tau?...hehe. Age is catching up peeps. And i have my future plans and goals too)

2. Kenapa nak balik Malaysia? Bila lagi nak experience life overseas?

(You all suka betul duduk sini kan? This kind of overseas susah lah for me to like. My parents are getting older and unwell. So, i want to spend more time with them. Dulu masa sekolah, since form 1 dah duduk boarding school and balik cuti for the long term break only. Yang cuti seminggu dua tu, tumpang lah rumah saudara mara, kawan2 or duduk dkt hostel)

3. Since when you layan bola?

(What the? Ingat world cup tu utk org2 ya selama ni dok update status dkt FB about football 24/7 je ke? Or, only org2 yg layan EPL je yg layak tgk worldcup. Come on lah, kalau tengok EPL and ada favourite team tak semestinya you pandai main bola kan? So sama la, even if i tak layan EPL etc and i tak fancy mana2 football club doesn't mean i can't enjoy worldcup.
p/s: dulu kan, salah satu ciri2 suami idaman adalah WAJIB pandai main bola. Pandai as in wakil uni ke, kolej ke. Bonus point, captain of the team! :P )

Friday, June 11, 2010

Vivo Brasil!!!

" In AFRICA, concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There nothing you can't do
Now you're in AFRICA
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you

Always the best one from Momma Alicia Keys at the Kick Off Celebration last night. Milan was yawning few times, but she wasn't at all cranky. She was dancing and even asked for her 'mic'. "Sing Mommy", "dance Mommy".

Monday, June 07, 2010


At 14weeks+, i can feel baby Tigger kicks!!

Quite early as compared to Milan. I can only feel her kicks at 18weeks+.

So nice sampaikan rasa nak nangis terharu :)

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Never Ending

I have not been sleeping well for the past few days.

Well, it is all because of the future plans that i have in mind and keep discussing about with the daddy. I am thrilled!! Nothing major.

Just that, one thing leads to another.

Thursday, June 03, 2010


Thanks so much to uncle Ariffin for bringing these over for this craving mommy. All the way from KL.

Thanks again :)

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

No, Thanks and Sorry = Nice

Milan: Mommy, nenen
Me: You want nenen?
Milan: NO!
(Apparently, any question will be answered with NO though it means YES)

Me: Here's your cereal. Mamam...
Milan: THANKS..mmmm...NICE

Me: Get Mommy the remote Milan, please?
Milan: * hand in the remote control. THANKS!
(Mommy tak sempat nak cakap Thank You, dia dah cakap THANKS siap2, haha)

Milan: Alaaa!!! (She purposely pour her cereal on the floor but making sound as if she accidentally spilled it)
Me: No, Milan. Wipe.
Milan: *Took a cloth and wipe
Me: *Get down to her eye level (tips from babycenter) Milan, no! Not nice!
Milan: NICE...
Me: No, not nice. Say sorry Mommy.
Milan: Soyi.
Then, in a split second, she slapped my face! Real hard. Then laughed about it. Aik?! Bukan ke baru lepas cakap sorry.

**Here's her with her Dora sunglasses. So vain...


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