Friday, June 14, 2013

One Month

Yesterday we went for Brandon's immunisation at DEMC. His pediatrician is Dr Ahmad. Nice doctor. If only i knew,i would have married a pediatrician. Senang kerja nak jaga anak. Ahaks.

My boy now weighs 4.2kgs. Comel je. I have petite kids. We asked lots of questions as if he is our firat child. Every child is an individual you see. The girls don't have rashes on their face other than on their cheeks. The girls don't throw up so much. For the throwing up, he was prescribed with a colic syrup. I didnt know there's such a syrup. Similar smell to the gripewater but according to the doc gripewater is too sweet.

Oh yeah,before that I went for my post natal checkup with Dr Mazita. All is well. Spent quite sometime in her clinic. Talking about breastfeeding and contraceptive methods.

At the moment,I am thinking if using IUD. Since the doc said this method is not going to affect the hormones and lasts for 3 years. She showed me the implanon needle and heck yeah,I almost peed in my pants. I am a chicken when it comes to needles. Big or small. And to me the implanon needle is huge!

I dont plan to take the pills anymore because there's high chances that i might miss taking one or two. And the injection is also a no-no because in most cases it causes weight gain as told by the doc. And the husband is against anything that has hormonal effect. So,I only have IUD in mind. In the early stage,the uterus might rejects the IUD and expell it out. Interesting eh. Foreign object alert! There'll be monthly trip to see the doc to check on it in case this might happen.

Hmmm..about weight loss. We'll work on that when the time is right. At the moment, all i care about is my 3 kids. Luckily my BIL comes and stays with us on the weekdays. He helps with the school runs and watch the kids when i'm doing the chores and taking showers.

I do miss my Itsy Missy. Been awhile. So many ideas but so little time. Till then.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Little Mr Brandon

Wow...i took the longest time ever to update this blog. Though not many would read it but i want to keep a journal for my kids.

Finally the little one is here. My EDD was on 14.May.2013. On my check up 2 weeks before that, Dr Mazita scheduled for an induced labor on the EDD. I was kind of 'pasrah' with induced labor already, since i had my first two induced.

On the night of 8 May i felt some contractions. But it came and gone and too far apart. I managed to sleep until about 4am when i felt the contractions becomes closer. 2-3 minutes apart. I got up and walked around our room. Woke husband up and asked him to help me to time the contractions. We have no experience with this natural contractions. So we both kind of panicking. "It's too close la baby. I think you are really in labor". I went straight to the washroom and took a quick shower. Hubs got ready and dlm kelam kabut sempat cari camera and i somehow misplaced the memory card. Lucky thing i still can handle the contraction.

Off we went to the hospital. I waited for hubs to park the car. Walked around the hospital emergency entrance. I refused to take the wheel chair and walked calmly to the labor room. Checked in, put on the hospital gown, nurse put a drip and enema (my first time too!). Wow, that enema really worked immediately. Tak menyempat2.

I was then 5-6cm dilated. was 5.30am. Somehow the contractions was bearable. In my own experience, contractions from induced labor is far too painful. I was chit chatting with hubs until the pushing stage.

Around 7am, Dr Mazita came and broke the waterbag. And then she went to attend another mother. In fact that particular morning, she had 5 mothers to attend to. I was no 4. Imagine the tension when you heard mother pushing and baby crying next door. The mother before me had somehow the shortest push. I heard she pushed and less than a minute later the baby was out. And she made the softest sound. Maybe about quarter of what i made.

Shortly after Kak Nora (the midwife) came and asked if i had any urge to push. And guess what, nada! She did VE again and told me that the baby is still quite high despite i am 9cm dilated already. And she wanted me to try to push. So i did. The baby went down and when i stopped pushing he went up again. Kak Nora then suspected the cord could be wrapped around his neck. And i wanted to cry when i heard that. Because the only solution to that is 'emergency c-sect'.

I guess the idea that induced labor is far more painful than the normal one is quite true. I was 9-10cm dilated and i still can still talking with my husband. My experience with my two girls (induced labor) were unbearable. I was crying when the contraction comes.

Back to the story. Dr Mazita came about 15 minutes later, and the pushing begins. And i am not proud to say that despite this is my 3rd baby, i still have difficulties to make the right push. Somehow, the baby's head was not in the right position. The ideal position is when the baby's head is at 12 and mine was at 9! The doc i think must have pull his head to 12 while i was pushing, did the episiotomy and then i felt the head is out. By then i was to tired to push. Seconds later my baby boy was out with the help of 'kiwi vacuum'. Poor boy had a long head but not too worry because it was just the skin.

The nurse put him on my chest and i kept on saying 'Mommy is so sorry baby'.

After the doc was done with me, we had to wait in the labor room for about half and hour because the room was not ready. Even after that half an hour i was wheeled to the normal ward and had my breakfast there. Poor hubs was too tired and sleepy. He took a nap on the sofa. About 15 minutes later we checked in to our room.

There goes my third birth story. And he is a month old already.

The birth announcement

Tahan contraction

Hi boy

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