Thursday, March 30, 2006

Imma confused...

I was on leave today cos i need to do the medical check up for my employment. Drove down to KL from Shah Alam at 9.30am. When i reached Tun Sambanthan monorail, i couldn't find any parking spot. So, i need to park at the road side, metred parking. Max prepaid of RM3.00 and RM1.00 for an hour. Meaning i need to settle all the important stuffs within 3 hours.

So, i reached Jln Sultan Ismail at about 11.30am. Went straight up to the HR department and after the HR personnel handed me the medical check up letter, i went to MUI plaza. It was after quite some time after my last medical check up. Frankly, i never like medical check up, especially when the toilet doesn't provide any tissue or the nurses gave u a so-not-friendly faces. something funny did happened when i was requested to have a chest x-ray. the lady in-charge was asking me:

Lady: Are there any possibilities that u r pregnant?
Me: (blur..) I don't think so..
Lady: What!!u don't think so
Me: owh..i mean NO!!
Lady: That's better

What was i thinking anyway?then, i need to see the doctor for heartbeat, blood pressure and stuff. And finally the part i hate the most. Checking for breast cancer. I had it once for my 1st employment (with my clothes on and bra loosen)...but i was so different this time, the doctor wanted me to take off evrything and wear just the panties. I was like WTF!!Siap ask for confirmation lagi tu;

Me: Do i have to take off my pants?
Nurse: Take off everything, ur baju, ur jeans and ur bra, pakai panties jer. There's a towel there (dgn nada menyampah..)
Me: **gulp**

The next thing i knew was that i lied down(towel tu hanyalah utk hiasan semata-mata) on the clinic's bed with the doc pressing here and there. I was acting cool though rasa malu giler. Tp, ileklah kan, hari doctor tu tgk benda yg sama..

Then, done with that, dah kena balik to the office building pulak. tp, makcik yg jaga kaunter tu taknak bagi aku naik pasal dah kol 12.30 tgh hari. Dia suh tunggu sampai 1.30. "Adik gi lah makan ker dulu.." my heart "makcik, saya nyer parking vaid sampai 1.50 jer", maner sempat..i punya tak tahan, i called the HR lady. After i passed my hp to the makcik and she talked to the HR lady, boleh jer nak naik..selamat aku..anyways i passed the medical checkup though my eye sights are getting worst.

Byklah menda2 yg aku buat hari ni:

1. Menunaikan tanggungjawab sebagai sumber kewangan kepada mak and adik aku
2. Membeli hadiah wedding Yan dan hadiah utk anak2 Jae
3. Membeli bedsheet and curtain baru
4. Makan sushi di Sushi King sorang2
5. Menelefon Mark yg telah lama menghilang
6. Meng'sms' Dehto
7. Terserempak dgn Mazlina (the last time i saw her was after SPM)
8. Melanggar trafik light merah di Kerinchi
9. Menyumpah driver teksi yg drive ikut suka hati teksi dia jer
10. Pening cos tak tau camaner nak break the news about my resignation and hand in the resignation letter tomorrow...&^($^&#(@@@)&^$%$&

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Back to reality

After almost a year spent doing numbers-free-job, i'm back to reality...back to numbers again. Some friends think that i was so stupid to switch field, i mean doing something which totally different from what i studied before. Now, i'm back and i promised myself, let this one be the last one.Its time to build a career and not job-hopping for almost every year.

I'll be on leave tomorrow, Mun Ling needs me to collect the Offer Letter and do medical check-up. when i applied for leave just now, my boss asked me "wah..tomorrow on leave, today apply ah..?" but, she signed also. Sorry boss, on friday, i'll come and see you again with a letter. Tp, takkanlah aku nak ckp aku gi amik Offer Letter kan..nak mampos ke aper..

Btw, wish me luck in my new job. I will be started working there after my engagement in June...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Should i or Should i Not???!!!

I'm kinda busy right now, but still have some minutes to blog..wanted to update this blog last nite but i was too exhausted...

till then...(the title actually explains my situation right lah??that thing i can't blog about it yet..)


Friday, March 17, 2006

I'm so damn lazy to go...

I am supposed to go somewhere this afternoon. Have an appointment with someone. Am on leave today but i am so lazy to go anywhere lah??it is so nice to stay at home for my afternoon nap and it is so cold here despite of the sun shiny day outside. Sinned, why u don't want to take leave today, so that u can drive me there mah? I'm not gonna drive there cos i'm so not familiar with that place so am gonna take putra instead. Hopefully, can make it on time..

I have about 3 more hours to go and my hair is still wet. I dun wanna use the hairdryer, i think my hair is spoiled already. i'll always scared to wash/comb my hair. HAIRFALL!!

Oklah need to take a 15 mins nap....zZZZZzzzZZZzzz........

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Stop calling me...

Today i'm absolutely fresher than yesterday, it was MONDAY yesterday ppl...or was it because i went to bed early last night. I dunno why i was feeling sick of this **b already or maybe this **b is sickening indeed. I got calls but i didn't picked them up cos i was scared they were calls from this Mr C, the P's guy. This is how it all happened. Last 2 weeks, on Friday, Anna, Sophia, Andy (Anna's bf) and i went to Carrefour Subang. To do some grocerries shopping (so aunty...hahahh, no mommy around mah..). So, i met my junior in Uni with a guy, some sort of doing some discussion but this junior of mine (A) looked so bored. So, i just said hi to both of them and made my way. Then, later on Monday the following week, i got a call from someone whom i didn't know and how i wish i never pick up his call. Ladies and gentlemen...introducing Mr C. He went like:

Mr C: Hi Caroline, i'm Mr C from P(company)
Me:(blur...)Sorry, Mr who?
Mr C: U probably don't remember me but i was with your friend, A in Carrefour last Friday
Me: i see, i get it. How can i help you Mr C? (little that i knew i'm gonna be in trouble for being so polite..)
Mr C: I'm just going to take about 30 minutes of your precious time to explain on the insurance scheme that our company provides. Its a good one. A told me that he had never heard of something so beneficial as our scheme.
Me: I'm sorry Mr C but i'm not that interested and kinda busy..(bla...bla...while watching tv)
Mr C: Its ok, just spare me about 30 mins of your time and u can stop me if u r not interested..
Me: No, thanks (i know ppl like you will never stop...)
Mr C: Maybe we can meet up in Carrefour tomorrow or on Wed?
Me: (started to piss of..) Sorry Mr C, i'm really not interested
Mr C: Is it ok if i call u again next week?
Me: (Mak ai..sik paham2 agik org tua tok..) Erm...i dunno
Mr C: ok, never mind..thanks Caroline
Me: Ok...(that is gonna be the last time i'm gonna talk to you)

I'm really sick of all these. Someone i knew also was into this kinda thing. But it was more on what they call it as "Househole Gold" they explain over a drink you had with them(an out-of-sudden one)
1. It's different from other direct selling product
2. It's not a pyramid scheme
3. Without u realising it, money will accumulated in your saving accounts (wtf!!)
4. All you need to do, is find as many friends as you can and be rich together or
5. If the target reached, can go overseas trip (all paid by the coy) with your friends
6. It's won't be so difficult because we will guide you by attending our seminar/talk...(i have attended once and thanks but no..)

Then, after that all i know:
1. I don't trust any of them anymore (ye lah...sekarang baru nak jak gi kuar2, minum2)
2. I don't wanna pick-up any stranger's call (tp, what if it a call for job interview...aku jugak yg melepas, b**ohlah!!)

P/S:Sinned, i'm free indeed to blog :)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

FoR Him, For HeR

She hated him at first sight
Love him at last moment

But, he is too much to handle
Never give up his thoughts
He'll always right though he's wrong
At times, he'll tell her its not right
Despite it is if he does it

She'll cry at night
Sometimes even thought of end it all
But, she loves him too bits
Now, she's stronger
No more tears to shed
No more heart to break
As tears had all dried up
As heart had turned to pieces

Wish she had never let him know
That part of him draw her sorrow
As the day come nearer
She pray she'll be more stronger

She'll remember forever
What mother said to her
"Don't count the years spent"
"Count the days to come"

Loves her while he can
Bcos when the time comes
She'll be gone and gone forever....

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I'm A Survivor...

(This is Didau...)

This morning, i was so suprised driving to work, the road before the Batu 3 toll was so jammed. WTF, i thought..Actually i was due to the closure of 2/4 lanes just before the toll..sorry Sinned to call you and in the end you can't get what i was trying to tell you...heheheh..

This week is so miserable, something got lost and indirectly i was the one to be blamed. i kan mmg suka bab kena2 blame nih..mcm sial!, i thought of go and get a pair of wedges in one of these days. It works for me, i mean shopping to ease the tense.

We have a newcomer in the family last saturday, Alicia. Was born in the afternoon. Mama as usual have to jaga the baby plus the mother. Kesian Mama..she always mentioned this to me "last time, i had to do all the chores myself, immediately after laboring". The world is always unfair right Ma...i thought so..Mama said Alicia is so cute, just like Didau the elder sister. She has Didau's cheek but her head is a bit panjang. Can't wait to see her in June.

Talking about June, i'm kinda busy planning for the engagement. I have not come up with the checklist yet..pening..pening. Baru engagement. Not sure whether to tailored my dress or should i buy? whether to cook or to leave it to the caterer? Cooking with my aunties at home should be fun, they are all "super took". Besides, cheaper option we will have "as you like it" dishes.

I'm so sleepy now, cos i stayed late last night to watch the rerun of the Oscar and after that went online until about 12 midnite. I guess i need to go home early today, but h*ll no!i have a department meeting at 4!!That's mean i will not be home until 6 or 6.30pm...huarghhHH!!Nak buat camaner kan, dah aku tok kuli king jak..

Till then...


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