Thursday, April 24, 2008

When You're Gone

I was asleep when i received the sms from Sandra this morning.

"Mak ku dah xda kul 3.30am"
(translated: My mum passed away at 3.30am)

Right after reading the text, i was stunned. To make sure that i'm fully awake and get the message right. I read it again and again. Then, i felt so sad and sorry for her and the family. Her mum has been battling with the cancer since the year 2003/4 if i'm not mistaken. The aunt-in-law passed away on Mr Husband's convocation day, of the same sickness.

I could never imagine losing someone so dear. I cried like nobody's business for not speaking with my best friend before.

Aunty Evelyn was such a lovely mother. A patience, loving mother. She was there during my engagement party. In fact, i really want her to come for my wedding too. But, she was too ill to make it. Sand herself was supposed to be one of the bridesmaid but her mum was admitted to the hospital for lungs failure few days before my wedding. That very morning, when it happened, she sms'ed' me saying that she's looking forward to be my bridesmaid and she was so happy until that afternoon when her mum had breathing difficulties. However, on the wedding day, Sand took a bus from her hometown to Kuching just to attend the dinner reception. That was after asking her mum if it is ok for her to go and have to leave her for a day. The mum said ok. Ok, i barely cleary see what i'm typing now cos i'm crying. I'm feeling so helpless to not be able to be there.

To Sand and family, our deepest condolence. Our prayers are always be with you. May her soul rests in peace. You have been a great daughter to your mum and i'm sure she is so proud to ever have a daughter like you.

The late aunty is the on far right...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Be Kind...

1. Were you smiling when you woke up
this morning?
~ i wasn't.

2. When was the last time you met
someone new?
~ last weekend

3. When did you last eat pizza?
~ ha...the burnt pizza i had at my friend's place in March

4. Do you drink beer?
~ yes, i do socially

5. Do you wash your own clothes?
~ yes

6. Are you any good at poker?
~ don't talk about good. i don't even know how to play.

7. What do you want more than anything?
~ a happy family

8. Are you tired?
~ tired of doing nothing

9. Besides your bed, what is your
favorite thing in your room?
~ my Crabtree Eau de Rose lotion (i'm running out of it...nearest Crabtree is in Dubai!)

10. Pepsi or Coke?
~ Coke

11. Would you ever take someone back
if they cheated on you?
~ nah. i believe in this ole saying "what comes around, goes around"

12. Do you enjoy piercings and tattoos?
~ kind of

13. Taco Bell or McDonald's?
~ i haven't seen any Taco Bell here yet so that makes it McD

14. Are you restless?
~ i'm not

15. Is your computer desktop or a
~ laptop

16. How many friendster views do you
~ the last i saw was 375

17. Want to be a prince/princess?
~ no thanks. life would be much difficult then.

18. Do you believe dreams come true?
~ as long as it is achievable. practically, yes.

19. Last song you heard?
~ that lemon tree song

20. Do you like Batman?
~ nope

21. Who is in the room with you?
~ My husband. He's asleep.

22. what r u wearin on ur foot?
~ my baby blue bedroom slipper

23. What was the last thing you ate?
~ rice with ginger beef and long beans (i cooked them!)

24. What were you doing before this?
~ posting an entry below

25. What is the closest item near you
that is blue?
~ my bedroom slipper

26. In your opinion what is the
weirdest thing listed on
~ never been there and don't bother to go there

27. What instant messaging service do
you use?
~ msn

28. what is ur fav website?
~ frienster

29. Whose house were you at last night?
~ my house

30. What do you wear more, jeans or
~ jeans

31. What is the last movie you watched?
~ beautiful girls

32. What do you currently hear right
~ the sound of a tractor at the construction site nearby

33. When did you last buy a new pair
of pants?
~ a yoga pants in early March this year

34. Where's your favorite place to be?
~ several places but i think best is home

34. Have you ever heard of the band
Our Lady Peace?
~ yes

35. Where do you sleep?
~ on a bed in my bedroom

36. Where do you shop the most?
~ basically anywhere that sell things

37. Where did you get the shirt you're
~ Suband Parade, FOS

38. Coach Purse or NFL game tickets?
~ Coach Purse

39. Where was your default pic taken?
~ Sarawak Club, Hornbill restaurant during my wedding luncheon

40. Why did you pick your background?
~ i didn't. the photographer did.

41. Are you happy with where you are?
~ yes

42. Do you believe love at first sight
~ no, i don't cos you'll tend to fall for the wrong ones

43. Do you believe in celebrating
~ not really

44. Do you believe that you can change
~ no, i mean you are not suppose to

45. What are you going to do after you
do this survey?
~ jalan2, more like shopping. Yay!

My Most Eligible Husband

Of Eligible Bachelor 2008

I was blog hopping at when Mr Husband joined me to check on the CLEO 2008 Most Eligible Bachelor lists. Ok, apart from Kenny Sia being the blogger we know, there's Adam Lobo from Dragon Red (a local band).

Then, Mr Husband commented on how the bachelors are not that eligible (well, most of them). He said the most eligible bachelor must be a d*mn successful (read: a CEO/ president of a well known organisation etc) handsome looking bloke and of course a bachelorlah. Well, that used to be the case...

Then, he agreed on Ebi Kornelis has the popular votes. I was quiet when he said "see, his face (Ebi's) is so symmetrical. it is perfect. people say if you have symmetrical face you are beautiful".

Moi: oh yeah? well my face is not symmetrical. (pls work on the equation yourself yah). Even my smile is a bit 'senget'.

Mr Husband: No darling, your face is more like a prism *jokingly*

Moi: WTF!!! *honestly it is funny but i don't really get it*

And, when Kenny said something about the bachelor has a gorgeous muscular body. I told Mr Husband that i don't find that as sexy or appealing at all.

Mr Husband: Y? too much of muscles is it? I thought girls like that.

Moi: Maybe they do, but i don't.

Mr Husband: But it boosts the guy's confident. you know, u can belasah people.

Moi: yeah, true. i like guy yg can belasah people. at least you feel protected. but i scared he also belasah me.

Mr Husband: ya lah, when you have that kinda muscles, it works both ways sometimes.


Of Snoring

Snoring. My daddy snores so do my uncles and my brothers and now latest addition, Mr Husband. I don't snore. And i have sensitive ears that i can't sleep with snores noise. I can't be so sure on the scientific reason of snoring. I told Mr Husband about it and he felt sorry for me that he's disturbing my sleep.

Mr Husband: Anytime i snore you just move me orite.

Moi: but i don't wanna wake u up. kesian u..

Mr Husband: but, i kesian u too, can't sleep. ok, let me try sleeping by breathing through my mouth and not my nose. Maybe that will help.

Moi: ok

After 2 minutes, sound at all. but i think he was not that asleep that he is aware and can control his breathing
4 minutes
4 minutes and 2 seconds...KROHHHH!!KROHHH!!

Ok, that's it. I give up. I gotta call Mum and ask for tips. She's been keeping up with daddy's snores for almost 38 years now.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm loving it...

Another one...hehehe.

1 Are you in a complicated love
♥ Not anymore

2 Do you hate more than 3 people?
♥ maybe hated by more than 3 but hate no one

3 The last thing you drank?
♥ plain water

4 how many pairs of shoes/sandals do
you own?
♥ honestly, i lost count

5 Favorite genre of music?
♥ no particular one

6 Do you like beer?
♥ socially

7 Is anyone in love with you?
♥ he better be, :D

8 Pepsi or sprite?
♥ pepsi

9 Are you too forgiving?
♥ yeah, too much

10 Do you like flowers?
♥ like so much!

11 What did you do last night?
♥ watched grey's anatomy,

12 Nick names?
♥ Baby, Kay, Ubok

13 If you had a super power, what
would it be?
♥ to be able to get whatever i want by just thinking about it

14 Are you thinking about somebody
right now?
♥ err..i think so

15 Ever called somebody Boo?
♥ nope

16 Are you happy with your life right
♥ i am

17 Do you like your eyes?
♥ thank God i have eyes

18 Does anyone like you?
♥ maybe

19 Last thing you read?
♥ Falling for You by Jill Mansell

20 Are you afraid of the dark?
♥ if i'm alone

21 Can you cook?
♥ sure yeah..

22 Relationship or one night stands?
♥ relationship

23 When was the last time you said "i
love you"?
♥ last night before going to bed

I'm just having fun

~ absolutely NO

~ still in my PJ

~ selected ones, YES. But not anyone

~ no, i have many things

~ maybe just 1 or 2

~ we'll see how we cope up with the first one first. Maybe 4

~ yes

~ no thanks

~ dinner and waited for a friend for a live show (i didn't say i watched but WAITED and just WAITED)

~ 11am (i had a bad dream so...)

~ groceries shopping

~ nope

~ boarding a plane home

~ 17/03/08, tsk...tsk..its been a while, i know

~ be more optimistic and spend less

18. IF YOU HAD 250,000 DOLLARS... WHAT
~ oh my. give some to my parents and siblings. then, pay off my debts, get something expensive for Mr Husband, buy a flight ticket home, save, vacation

~ as a housewife? 4 mths

~ who the heck is Tom?

~ not gonna tell u :P

~ kuaci @ sunflower seeds

~ July for my birthday

~ also July because i'm a year older

~ let see, i can't quite remember. oh, Mr Husband's t-shirt

~ some stranger just texted me and asked "which Carol is this?". WTF (Watch The Fist lah)!!

~ friendster, gmail, this blog

~ Tiq

~ Dun wanna even talked about it

~ if i die, then who would take a bullet for Mr Husband?

~ anything fruity (not coffee)

~ nope. soon i hope

~ i never hate someone so much, not till the day he died

Sunday, April 20, 2008

We were lucky...yay!

As i was mentioning in my previous post, if we are lucky enough we'll make it to the trip to Al Dar island on Saturday. So, Mr Husband set the time to move out from the house at 9am. No later, must wake up early. Ok, i set my hp alarm clock to 8am initially then i thought i won't take that much time to get ready, maybe 8.30 will do. Then, this morning after snoozing the alarm clock for 4-5 times, i finally woke up at 9.15am. Mr Husband was awake and on his lappy trying to look for the direction to the jetty. Thanks to google earth. Then, i had this Gulfair website opened since last night on the review of the island. Somehow, Mr Husband noticed that the first 'island taxi' is moving at 10am and he found out that the jetty is just few minutes drive from home. He told me to get back to sleep and we'll move out at 11.30am.

The jetty is located at somewhere in Sitra. It is called Sitra Fishermen Port, right before Al Bander Resort. A very good signage i must say. The 'island taxi' fare is BD5 (lebih kurang RM40 camtu lah) for a to and fro ride. To be purchased from the Al Dar Islands office. Oh yah, do bring your valid ID along for the coast guard registration. The coast guard office is quite a walk, berpeluh lah jugak tgh2 hari buta tu. But, the best thing about Bahrain is that it is breezy. Cold wind. Korang mesti ingat panas giler kan kat sini...Walaupun panas terik tp angin dia sejuk. Jadi, bilakah masanya aku berpeluh...? tu perumpamaan jer nak tunjukkan betapa jauh gaklah nak menapak.

After the registration at the coast guard office, we waited for the boat. Not a long wait actually. It took us around 10 minutes to reach the island. Mr Husband went to 'check in' at the registration counter on the island, we changed our clothes and had our lunch at a bar there. Maybe i'll just let the photos do the talking since i'm gonna write a boring long entry here. One thing for sure, we had a blast weekend. It feels like you are on a private island...well it is a private island by the way. Owned by a sheikh i heard. There will be Lunar Party (full moon) party held every month on the island. Next one will be on either 10th or 15th of May, that is what i heard. Not quite sure about it. But, keep yourself updated from the local newspaper or call Al Bandar Islands office directly.*p, i just continue writing. Ok, last one...make it a point to visit Al Dar Islands on your trip to Bahrain.

* Click at the image for larger view

The fishermen boats at the jetty / port

The 'taxi' is here...

Al Dar Islands, here we come

Us on the boat

He thot it was a fort, she thot it was a light house but actually it is the toilets

Welkam to the AL DAR i kenot help you?

Mr Husband 'checking in' and collect our towels. They are free of charge btw...

View of the island, it is a small private island

Hang on a sec, what do we call this thing in english already? How about in Malay? Pondok ke? So fail lah me...

Changing room...

An open space kitchen..

Aahhh...nice right.

I took this boy's photo while lying on the bench...cute eh, i mean the boy of course

Mr Husband snorkeling ('treasure' found: a pair of oakley and an earplug!)

Moi after 5 minutes swim...cold wind!

The upper shore is quite rocky and has a lots of sea shells. Kena pakai slipper

The rocks on the beach

Not sure what is that for..could be the beer bar for the party

Ready to go home?

Jet-ski are available for rent at BD25 for 1hr

Bubu nelayan Bahrain at the jetty

The port at night

MOI is so love beach and sun

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Of Kelly and Traders Vic

I have to blog about that Kelly's concert as i have a very short memory. We left house around 6pm and headed to Ritz Carlton. First impression, poor management on the traffic direction. The round about before Carlton was jammed as everyone thought the concert is in Carlton's compound itself. The sign board was so small that even someone with a magnifier might stand a 50/50 chance to notice it. And they can have 5-10 guys standing around the parking park area to guide you on where to park your car properly. And i'm talking about an open space, sandy beach parking. Like, baik you letak your men berdiri ngan lampu lip lap merah tu depan entrance td kan, nampaklah sikit. Those men were supposed to stand at the entrance with the torch light. That's what we do back home. Ok, direction wise...i'll rate it as 3/10.

Well, it stated in the tix that the gate will open at 7pm. We were there by 7.30pm. Ok, fine, tak cakap pulak show start kol baper, cannot argue that much on thatlah. I didn't notice what time did a bunch of rapper start the show. Honestly, i have no idea who these people are. But, the DJ is called DJ Boy. Ok-ok la the show. Talking about my first live show that involves shouting and all. They did throw away (throw as in THROW...) some rubber band (DJ Boy said as a mark that you support his music) and CDs. So, i join lah gak the drowd terlompat2 kan nak the rubber band of which i thot was some kinda like beads chain or something. Bila dia cakap jer rubber band, aku terus jer capai my hp and pikir "la...rubber band ker..". Until dorang baling cd, mula2 mmg busy buat recording tp, eh apsal rasa cam the cd terbang ke arah aku ni. EH...mmg cd tu terbang towards me lah. Supposedly, it went straight to the guy next to me tp he missed it and it terpelanting towards me and it landed in my hand nicely. WHOA...first time dpt barang yg dibaling2 masa concert. Excited sampai terlompat2 lah jugak.

Then i think around 9.15pm, Ms Kelly pun sampai la. The crowd went crazy, that includes moi. She is gorgeous ngan baju berkilat2 etc. She sang few songs that reminds me of my college life. Sempat gakla emo...siot la. She has these 2 awesome dancers, jgn kan the 2 men that accompanied me, aku pun seronok layan the dancers. Seres best. After few songs, Kelly went to change her clothes and the DJ introduced the dancers. He had some kinda like belly-dance-kind-of music + hip hop + dance (i dunno la how to explain) and the dancers do their thing. I pretended not to hear what the 2 guys were commenting on that but sure they enjoyed it. Come on, the dancers were wearing white tank top and black hot pants. Takpela, kasi can sikit.

A bit dissappointing, when Kelly just stepped off the stage and left. At first the crowd thought that she's taking a break or something. So, these 3 hooligans dgn bangganya mara ke depan agak2 boleh pegang the pagar penghadang tu kan. Ingat, dok situ bolehla amik gambar best sikit. But, after a while the crowd 'subsided' and we were left puzzled. Was that it? Are we supposed to leave now? At least she should have said something like you know "this is my last song..blaalala...". Until the guards told us to leave then only we knew the show's over.

Since we were already around Ritz Carlton area, i suggested we go to the club or should i say the bar there called Traders Vic. I read from the review on Bahrain nightlife this is supposed to be a nice spot to hang out. Well, bet the review is right. I had my first margarita here. The ambience in nice and good for dining. The food is superb. Good crowd but since Friday is the first weekend for Bahrain and most of the middle east countries, you might need to stand as it is quite packed. It is either you come very early or make a reservation. And not to mentioned, the parking is full too. You may need to park somewhere within the area but have to walk a bit.

I do have some photos but i'm feeling so sleepy right now and if we are lucky enough tomorrow, as in be able to wake up on time.....we'll make a trip to Al Dar island for a swim. Nitey nite darlings..

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Does she looks like she needs to be helped?

This morning i woke up and as usual i turn on my lappy to read news from The Star online. Mr Husband had this tiny widget on my lappy screen of the 'most viewed' news. What attract me was this news about Sufiah (korang tau lah kan...). The header goes:

Help Malaysians before helping Sufiah

MUCH has been said about the mission to save Sufiah Yusof but many Malaysians think that she is not suffering at all and thus Malaysian leaders should put their priorities right, especially for any mission which involves our money.

I am not an ex-prodigy forced into prostitution but if the Malaysian Government is planning to embark on a mission to save a British subject who doesn't even care if Malaysia sinks or floats, please consider helping me first.

I am a Malaysian who genuinely loves my country very much and has been diligently instilling patriotism in my children. For us, Negaraku is not merely a national anthem but is our pride.

I am a true and thoroughbred citizen of Malaysia who is much more desperate than Sufiah. Please save my children's faith. Please save them from self-pity and trauma before our leaders decide to use Malaysian funds and resources to save one British citizen who is more than happy with the kind of life she has gladly chosen.

I am a 41-year-old mother of three young children aged between seven and 10 who is struggling to live amid a mountain of debt due to several setbacks and business failures.

My husband resigned from a bank out of frustration and joined a friend's business which has not worked out as planned. We later set up a business partnership and my husband attempted to run the business which we both hoped could provide a foundation to our children's future.

However, it failed miserably. For two years, we practically survived on my income as I still have a full time job. But that doesn't help much.

Existing financial obligations soon got out of hand. Things got worse with new debts that accumulated and snowballed at super speed. In a blink, we found ourselves drowning in real serious debt.

I am still helplessly struggling to keep my sanity while putting up with the intimidating debt collection agents whose antics are at times as annoying and scary as that of the Ah Long.

As I am soft and timid, it affects my health and work but there is nothing much I can do.

We have not been attending relatives’ kenduri for quite some time and neither did we celebrate the eve or first day of Hari Raya at our respective hometowns. Only our mothers and siblings know the real reason and have done their best to help.

I seriously wish to pay every single sen I owe but I don't have the money. Nothing I say would satisfy the bank officers/debt collectors/ agents who are driving me crazy with their intimidation and ridicule. Even the AKPK have been unable to help at this juncture. I am really stuck.

At least Sufiah is living free from stress and harassment. But there are needy and desperate citizens in this country who never chose to fall in a rut, and they desperately need rescue. Please help us get back on our feet. Let charity begin at home.


*extracted from the news clipping
Source: The Star online

My 2 cents lah kan: She, Sufiah does not need that help. She's doing what she likes to do and from the religious point of view, i can say i'm that worthy to say anything. I, myself does not go to church frequently but i practice good deeds. Well, Sufiah has her very own reasons of doing so and that everyone should respect. No, i'm not supporting and neither am i against her. It is just my random thought.

Yay!! I is going! Go Kelly..go Kelly...

Not that i'm a biggest fan of hers but i just feel like going out this weekend. And, i won't be going alone, i'll be going with Mr Husband and his colleague. I'm not quite sure if his colleague is into R&B or Pop but i'm sure Mr Husband is not.

Back home, Mr Husband is a guitarist for an underground band. When we were in college, i used to tagged along supporting their gigs or jamming sessions. And, the last concert we went to was Limp Bizkit's somewhere in 2005 if i'm not mistaken.

Oh yeah, did i mentioned that the show is gonna be held on the beach? An open air show. A standing-kinda-like show, including the VIPs. I'm not sure what to wear yet, maybe i'll do some shopping tomorrow. You know, when i have some event to attend to i'll think on what to wear, and thinking is stressful and when i am in stress i shop cos stress is so not good for our health but shopping does. Boyfriends/ husbands: you don't have to agree on this one but it helps you to understand your woman better ;)

I'll post photos soon, *if anylah kan...*.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's a truly very boring day...and night!

Orite, a back to back posts in a day. Never mind..besides, i've got nothing else to do anyway.

I love quizzes by the way:

1 The song you’ve been most singing to yourself recently
I sing songs recently, not only a song

2 What do you currently want right now?
Sarawak local food (laksa, ayam kachang ma, daun ubi, siow bee, mee kolok, midin)

3 What did you do today?
Blog hopping, watching tv

4 What have you been thinking about most today?
If i'm pregnant

5 Do you ever just sit outside and watch the stars?
Its kinda cold outside but maybe i'll do that some day

6 What is your current annoyance?

7 Do you want a new cell phone?

8 Are you waiting for someone right now?
No, or maybe yes. He's asleep right now.

9 Name two things you’re looking forward for next week?
A trip to an island and Kelly Rowland's show at Ritz Carlton

10 Can you make new friends easily?
Yes, absolutely and i love it.

11 ??

12 Do you plan out what you wear the day before you wear it?
Used to, not anymore.

13 What is life to you?
Life is a drama and you are the main character of your own episode.

14 Have you ever fallen for your best friend?
No comment.

15 If you had a chance to save someone significant to you, would you?
Sure, i will.

16 How many times do you eat each day?
Maybe 2-3 times

17 How do you cheer someone up?
Visit them or if not possible call them

Note a Book?

Somewhere earlier this week, after he came back from work:

Him: Wanna go out and look for a notebook for you?
Her: For me? But i don't really need one.
Him: But, I need mine back.
Her: Ok
Then, 15 mins for notebook hunting, 20mins in NineWest, 15-20mins in Promod and on the way out stoppped for 10mins in MotherCare mid-season sale.

Later in the evening of the same day...somewhere along the Bahrain Exhibition Centre Avenue. In a computer selling shop.
Him: Look aroundlah for your notebook
Her: *Excitedly!* I think i just made up my mind. Its either that pink Dell one or that Ferrari one.
Him: But that is so not cost effective. You'll just need it to watch your Grey's Anatomy series and browsing the internet
Her: Oklah...

YESTERDAY, after had our KFC lunch in Bahrain Mall. We went to Geant and began the hunt again. This time is it either a made from China brand note book with a webcam and a made in Germany without a webcam but slightly bigger screen and thicker. She left it to him to decide while she was busy checking the pink digicam, pink Ipod, pink handphone and all the pinks in the mall.

Him: Ok, we'll get you the Germany made one, ok?
Her: Ok :(
Him: I know, you still want the pink Dell don't you? No worries, i'll spray this one in pink colour for you *smiled wickedly*
Her: Huh! No thanks.

Then, later last night.
Her: You know where i can get the decorative diamante sticker, like those they use to decorate the handphone.
Him: Why? We can find out la..
Her: I want to look for pink one and stick them on my notebook, hehehe


Her: Do you think there might be possibility that i'm pregnant right now? Maybe with a baby girl?
Him: Maybe, but why girl?
Her: The pinks...
Him: *Smiled* (in his head: my silly wife...)

I Can't Be There For You, sorry

Yesterday, as in Malaysian time, my dear friend Iena was having her wedding reception party at her mom's place. And i was feeling rather sad because was not be able to be there. And today, at her husband's side. I really wished that i am there. She is such a darling that stayed with me throughout my own wedding preparation. Right from the smallest little things like buying the selotape and ribbon for the bouquets to running around to get the quotation for my wedding ring.

Babe, i know we read each other's blog. I'm sure you looked gorgeous on your wedding day (maybe not on the 2nd day...mesti dah penat dah kan? hahahaha...). Photos k.

To my other darling friends, if i suddenly dissappear (no longer have that 24 hours status in my Friendster kinda stuff), i'm actually here. Right here. I'm safe and sound. I tak lupalah you all. Be good and keep on missing me :P.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm Out!

I woke up this morning, decided to take a time off from my Friendster and Facebook. I'm just want to kill the routine or should i say a "not-a-good-habit". I'll just keep this blog. To those who are dear to me, they know where to find me.

I've lots to blog about but it is 8am and it is cold. So, the best thing to do is to continue my sleep. Maybe later today, we'll continue. Maybe i'm not even going to the gym today.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Selfish is good...well sometimes..

I want to learn to be selfish, well at least sometimes. I want to have the courage to say "NO" to some people or to something. I want to learn not to have too much of emphathy or sympathy. The burden is too much to keep that it might explode in no time.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Of being married

Now that i'm married, i noticed that life has changed. Slowly changing. It is no longer about me anymore, but more about us. Not so much on how to find the each other's fault but more on how to avoid the arguement from happening. I learnt to compromise as i'm used to get things done my way, only mine.

We had this conversation early this week. On how shitty it is that when you and your spouse had an arguement, the best you can do is to sleep on the couch. Or maybe, grab the car key, call your best mate and go out for a drink. But in the end of the day you'll still have to come back to your other half, no matter matter how. You just can't go too far. I'm not telling you this for our marriage is on the rock already, for goodness sake we are just being married for 2 week now. We're doing pretty well. But, then again my dear friends...that's reality.

And, the commitment that you are about to make does relates directly to this question "Why do you love me?". The question is quite simple but the answer could cost you your years of relationship if wrongly answered. That reminds me of our Pre-Marriage course we had at a catholic church somewhere early last year. Never love somebody for their good qualities only, take them as who they are. In good or bad times, not in good and BED times only.

Getting married is not just about taking another step ahead. It is about taking a leap. Enough of selfishness, ignorant or your egoism. Everyone can have a perfect and beautiful wedding but marriage is more sacred than that. Wedding is a destination but marriage is a journey.

So, for my dear friends whom are planning for their big day. Have fun even though it is a pain the a$$ i must say. But, nothing comes easily. I still find myself viewing the slideshow of the wedding photos and thinking "everyone's happy, we look good". I just can't recall of the headaches i had while doing the planning. When the day comes, just get a good rest, leave all the worries to your assistants. All you have to do is to make sure you look great and smile.

And for my dear friends whom are not even close to think about getting married. Enjoy your life while you can. When it comes, it just does it wonder. Don't try too hard looking for Mr Nice Guy or McDreamy because they only exists in movies. Sometimes, he/she is right in front of you all this while. Let he/she knows if you like them before it is too late.

Disclaimer: Please don't change your mind after reading this entry. The writer holds no responsibility of any run-away bride or break-ups. It is just a random thoughts for you to ponder.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Random shit..i mean shots!yeah...shots!

Ok, here are some photos of my aktiviti sosial here in Bahrain.

Supposedly a fusion of Chinese+Seafood = Mamak (get it!) I remembered i learnt something called synergy in Uni where 1+1 IS NOT NECESSARY = 2. Now, i get it..

The soup, "4 treasures...somethingla..". this one, not so chinese but not that badla..

Mixed vege with Szechuan sauce...yummy, i thought. dang! more like mixed vege with masala sauce

Chicken with mushroom and bambooshoot. This one, i the liking...but, i must tell you that the mushroom and the bambooshoot are straight from the can. And, they are very generous with the chicken.

The restaurant from outside. It is in Adliya Avenue.

On our way back home, terserempak with GEN2..there's a proton showroom here. Malaysia boleh!

Now, i'm convinced that there was a detergent called "OMO"...jgn tak percaya!

Hapuskan kotoran degil dengan OMO..

Classic...Starbucks on a desert..


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