Monday, October 07, 2013


I guess i better write something about my IUD insertion experience.

After discussing my the hubs on our family planning method,he suggested that we go for the one that has no (little if there's any) effect on my hormones. IUD it is. Something recommended by my gynae as well.

Dr Mazita told me to do the insertion as an when i get my first menses. Best is 3-4days after the menses.

When i had my first menses, i didn't get to book a slot with her.So,i waited for my 2nd one.

It was a fast procedure since we already discussed about it earlier.

There i was lying on the clinic's bed anxiously. 'Senak sikit ye puan. Kalau rasa senak, tarik nafas ye', the gynae said. To which i innocently replied, 'kira macam VE ye?'.Hahaha...very funny. And the not so happy moment started.

The metal tool with the screw was in and i gasped in terror! Freaking hurt! I am not kidding you. Dont mean to freak you out, but that was how it felt to me. I was breathing just like i breathed when i handled my contractions. I really hate that metal tool so much that i dont even bother to know what it is called.

The IUD was in and the doc did an ultrasound to show me that it is safely inside my uterus. I'll be seeing her again after my next menses just to check if the IUD is still there. There's a tendency that it might get 'expelled' from the uterus during your period. It's the body mechanism of getting rid of foreign object.

Just hope my uterus is smart enough to know that i am giving it a break for a good 3 years and keep the IUD inside. Because i dont want to go thru the insertion again,at least not too soon.

Now i know,why IUD is not so famous despite being the easiest to manage,less side effects and cheapest option.


Puteri said...

yeah now know and i will never want to find out.


Azlina Ilzdaf said...

ouh the tool is like duck mouth kan? hurts..have to go through that masa papsmear...uhuk


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